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    Bicep problem...

    Lately i just can't get my biceps stiff. I get a good pump in the gym, but the next day i feel nothing. I have tried many workouts. I was thinking about just working my biceps until they can't even lift my arms, but im scared of over training. HELP?

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    What do your arms measure?

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    Post what your routine looks like...other than that I would suggest barbell curls incline curls then working traps by shrugs...that will work the biceps then stretch them out...

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    a good way to shock your biceps would be to totally train the sh_t out of them, then take a full week off from lifting all together.

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    If your Lat pull-downs are heavy enough (use straps sometimes) they should trash your biceps. Do rows too and that outta do it. Then torch them with flat barbell curls, go halfway up and then all the way up (that makes ONE rep). And some concentration curls. That is all you need to do, and you'll get baseballs for bi's... 4 sets of 8 on each exercise increasing only 5 pounds each set with 30-45 sec. of rest between sets, and they are TOAST...

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