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    Question Natural Weight Gain

    Im 16, 6 foot 3 and a half, and 250 lbs. I was just wondering how I could get even bigger, naturally. I would like to be about 290-300 lbs by next September. But at the same time, still being able to run quickly, and stay if fairly decent shape, as I play rugby. If anyone has any ideas or tips, or anything at all that you think may help, I would be much appriciated. Thanks allot!


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    Eat Eat Eat. high calories, High protein, and high carbs low fat.

    eat 6 meals a day. try and eat like 4000 calroies a day if u want that kind of size.

    also train very hard and take good supplements

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    I agree with what was said above. You must eat eat eat and train hard. Be consistent and dedicated. I know i was when i made my best gains. I am starting up again and going for 255. Good luck. Work hard and you will reach your goals.

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    At 6'3" 300 lbs it seems to me that unless you are really developed that you would be a whole lot slower. I played football at 230, I am 5'11". I thought I was fast, then I lost 30 lbs just by watching what I ate and then I was really an athelete. I thought I was a "fat lineman" really I was just a strong LB/FB that was 20-30 lbs over weight. You might want to look at it at another perspective? Just an idea, I wish I would have been lighter when I played. Just my .02 not any kind of a flame. Thanks Jake T.

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    Training for football is a lot more like strength training than body building. You will definately be a lot slower and need to work on power and a lot of core exercises

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