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    less or more for a lagging body part?

    my chest sucks. ill just come out and say it. everything else seems to be growing pretty well, but my chest is ridiculous. i train chest once per week. lately i have been following this routine:

    incline bb bench- 15,12,10,8
    flat db press- 12,10,8,10
    flat db flyes- 20,18,16,14 (i keep higher reps here because with too much weight i lose form and dont feel it in chest
    cable crossovers- 12,10,8,12

    im gonna attempt to post pics pretty soon, hopefully that will help.

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    i would just tht my chest is pretty big and it didnt get that way from so many reps my rountine consist of 10 8 6 4u need to use more weight and less reps buddy do as much as u can liike that and see how u come out i know it will be a positive one my chest is my best feature good luck

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    read this thread:

    click this

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    I'll agree you should go heavier on main lifts with low rep and moderate reps on your secondary lifts.

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    I agree, u need to lower your reps. I'm training for mass now and normally i'll do 5 working sets on my main lifts (last set for 6-8 reps), but when training for mass i'll add 2 extra sets with the last set for 1-3 reps.
    Example with Bench Press:
    set 1 12-15
    set 2 10-12
    set 3 8-10
    set4 7-9
    set5 6-8
    set6 3-4
    set7 1-2

    Now I only do this many sets for one of my main lifts per body part. I would then do the rest of my workout with only 4-5 sets per exericise and try to get at least six reps on the last set. This way I feel i get both a bodybuilding and powerlifting effect from my workout.
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    IMO, too much volume. More isn't always better. I go heavy, low reps(4-6), and good form. If you go as intense as possible, you'll realize that you won't be lifting long. All my sessions last an hour or less, but it's very intense. It's this intense thing that most people don't understand. Here's my chest workout:

    1. Flat Bench 3 sets of 4-6
    2. Inclinde DB 3 sets of 4-6
    3. Flat DB Press 2-3 sets of 3-6

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