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    Post Cutting / Mass Gaining Work outs.

    was just wondering if it was a good idea to switch between a cutting work out and a mass gaining work out each week?

    like, 1 week i'll do a cutting work out. lite weight w/ alot of Reps.... the next week i'll do a mass gaining work out. heavy weights w/ few reps. i figured that since i'm on a cutting diet rite now, doing the cutting work out will help alot and doing the mass gaining work out should keep me from losing alittle of my muscle mass by keeping my muscles strong. or should i do a cutting workout for 2 weeks and then do the mass gaining workout for 2 weeks?

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    If your goal is to loose fat then keep building muscle by going heavy and low reps. Muscle burns fat even while you sleep. High rep/light weight burns lots of muscle.

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