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    Help: Hurt Arm in the middle of my first Cycle

    Hey guys.

    While doing curls on Friday I felt something "Let go" you could say between my bicep and elbow area. I am 5 weeks into my first cycle and 4 days later that area shows no sign of getting better. Any kind of pressure on my arm even grabbing my gallon of water out of the fridge or opening the door puts a burning pain in that area.

    I am trying to nurse my arm as much as possible, Any ideas on what I can do to make it heal faster?

    As of right now I can do no upper body workout with my arm. Am I going to have to quit my cycle?


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    Well first off I'd go see the doc. Second, it sounds like it's a serious injury, so yeah, I'd quit the cycle and chalk it up as a loss and start your post recovery now. The only way to speed up the healing process is with rest.

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    Most steroids weaken ligaments and tendons. They also cause muscles to get stronger faster than connective tissue can keep up, which can lead to injuries.

    So, take a break and let things heal. If you don't this could turn in to a long-term nagging injury.

    It would be a good idea to see a doctor to assess the of level of injury.

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