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    Changing up the workout

    I've been reading a book on weight lifting and it says that it takes about 14 days for a human body to adapt to a new work out and nutrition plan. Therefore, after the human body reaches homeostasis, your gains will slowly diminish until you plateau. What do you guys do to change up your workout/nutrition???

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    I keep the same movements I just change up the reps,BB to DB, order of workout, etc... I have been doing the same movements for way over 14 days and I keep on seeing growth. If you go into the gym ever day and every week and do the same exact thing than either your going to get bored or reach what your calling "Homestasis)

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    The primary way I change up my routine is by interchanging excercises for specific muscle groups. I have about 6-7 different excercises I like to use for each muscle group. However, I only use 2-4 of the each time I go into the gym. So depending on my mood I may interchange them every time I go or maybe every 3rd or 4th time I train that specific muscle group.


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