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    leg exercise for a long legged person

    What would be a good leg workout for someone with long legs looking to add some size?I am currently doing squats(3x8),leg press(3x12) and stiff-legged deadlift(3x8)Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Front squats will do the trick bro, trust me, once you get the form down and start adding weight your quads will be looking huge and cut, I find that front squats work better for my legs than regular squats.
    This is my routine, i switch it up all the time but its basically like this:
    Stiff legged deads
    single leg curls
    double leg curls
    Front squats
    leg press leg extensions
    all excersises from 8 - 12 reps for 3 or four sets depending on how i feel.

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    I am long legged but front squats giant set with leg extension 6-8reps 4sets then dls giant set with leg curls then I pick a day about 4days from my next leg w.o and do 4 sets of heavy hacksquats in a year I have put over an 1 1/2 on my quads

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