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    LM1332 Guest

    6 or less reps for mass?

    Ok i've read some thread some where dont quite remember and i saw that they are doing 6 or less reps for mass for 4 sets? Can someone clear this up for me thx

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    6-8 reps or less, is usually associated with strength/mass training.. You'll see better strength and size results if you train with HEAVY WEIGHT and less reps..

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    LM1332 Guest
    thank you monster i already got what i needed

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    i read an article about German Volume Training that suggests doing 10 reps and 3 sets to build muscle and gain...i tried it and it worked, however i did lose some strength. if strength isnt of any concern you might want to read up on GVT at www.******.com

    no i dont advertise for that site i just get a lot of good up to date infor from it

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    I allready answered this question on meso

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    ****** is got good info
    Chris Aceto championship BB says 6-12 rep range every set to failure to build. u def loose ur strength but boy ur sore.

    most power lifters lift hard but dont alter body image much. just strength this is why i feel 6-12 reprange will bring muscles out and stress the 2b fibers to build and look at cutting edge
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    I've read 6-8. It's easier to find your failure point within 3 reps.

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    LM1332 Guest
    yea thats what i though ill try the low rep count cause ive done higher reps and it worked but not as great as i would loved to. Like for my pecs it works wonders 10-12 reps gets it pumped and growing as for my arms it seems to over work em all the time. So i was thinking about trying just 6, 4 ,4, 2 reps and see how that will work. If any suggestions are avaible ill take em
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