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    Building Mass in Calves

    This is a post for a friend...

    His stats: 6'4" 270lbs, training for +4 years

    He's looking for any kind of calve routine to supplement his normal training with, looking for straight mass.

    Suggestions on a routine (exercises, sets and reps)?


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    Calves/Forearms/Abs - you can train these practically every day but how much do you really need? Are you doing enough or too little.. more often than not, it's too little (especially with calves). Dont blow your energy doing any of these bodyparts early in your session. YOu can do calves and abs in between sets of other exercises. You can hit calves atleast 3X a week.. and you can change up the set/rep scheme for every workout.. Say you add in 5 sets of 15 reps one day..then 3 sets of 20 reps another day.. and then 4 sets of heavy 6-8 reps .. and like I said.. you can do these anytime in your workout.. you just need to do them.. and calves grow slow.. for most people big calves are simply a genetic gift.. and for those who don't have large calves.. it takes a great deal of TIME and EFFORT to get them that way..

    Good luck


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    Yea, my calves came from my dads side unfortuneatley so I have to work extra hard on them. I used to do mine only once a week, but about 2 months ago, i've upped it to 3x a week. Still slow growth, but more noticeable than before. Do a search, bigolegs posted a great workout for calves. Thread was titiled "calves genetic".

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    You have to thrash your calves to see noticeable gains, just do everything imaginable in one work out hit all the machines do different angles etc etc, I love doing HEAVY donkey calve raises thats what i find works best for me.

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    having big calves is genetic. i have natually big calves, but i work them out twice a week. One day i will hit them real heavy seated calve raises, one legged donkeys, and standing calve raises. other day i usually work them with mostly only body weight with some jumping exercises, 45 raises (15 toes i, 15 toes out, 15 toes straight) and then some light standing raise burnouts

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