Hey guys a while back i had most of my blood work done. I can post all the results later for a look over.

But right now I have a quick question and am hoping to get some educated feedback on it.

the Test values that came back is what is tripping me out.

Test total = 746 the Reference Range was 332-896 Units ng/dL
Test free = 20.4 the Reference Range was 5.0-40.0 Units pg/mL

What concerns me is the free test reference range used. Ive done a lot of reading and it seems that on the free test the typical range is 50-244 pg/mL

If that is true then why is such a low reference range used. I am a little confused and wonder if my free test needs to more closely looked at or if there is possibly something screwy going on with reference ranges used for BOTH tests.

Thanks and hit me with any questions. Its been about 4 months since last cycle of test E and also was HGH for 6 months. Been off of that same amount of time. Thanks a ton!