My wife has a very hard time losing weight with an incredible diet and cardio regime 5 days a week.

I had her get her thyroid levels checked and here are the results.

TSH 1.82 "Range is 0.270 - 4.2"
T3 84 "Range 80-200"
T4Free 1.07 "Range 0.93 - 1.70"

Her t3 is right at the low level and I don't like that, I would rather her in the mid to high range.

The free t4 is on the lower side as well.

Obviously since its in range the doc wont do much even though I read online with other specialist that if their patients fall on the low normal side they would supplement asap.. they just done list what they would do very precisely.

I would like some help in regards to this from perhaps someone that has a grasp on this subject.

Im thinking as if now 50mcg of t4 in the morning with 12.5mcg t3 then followed with another 12.5 t3 another 4 hours to start.. Then follow this up with bloods a month or 2 later.

Any ideas?