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    Question Winstrol! can I bulk up and still be cut?

    I am 21, I weigh 180 and I am 5'11". I am looking to gain some bulk and cut up. I have done a 10-week cycle of Deca50 and stacked the last 4 weeks with test. I had great results, but I would have liked to become allot more cut!
    I bought one 30ml bottle of winstrol -v and was told that it would not increase my bulk and cut me up at the same time (It makes sense), but is this a fact? If so, I would like some feedback on a good cycle to gain weight and to cut up, that includes winstrol. I have done research and am posting this to further the research.
    I also need to know the correct needle gauge for Winny, I think I bought to small of a gauge.

    Thanks, CHIEF

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    Wrong forum. The "General Questions" section isn't for "Steroid Questions". Do some research because your last cycle sounds like it wasn't researched properly. Keep in mind that the results will be better if you bulk and then cut.

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