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    Ever notice how many assholes...

    Ok I work in retail and deal with all kinds of people all day. Now is it just me or is the world being overcome by complete assholes?

    in the morning I go get some eggs at the deli and I always end up on a line with atleast 3 assholes in it.
    All day at work i deal with complete idiots and assholes who know nothing about what they came to purchase . And most are rude to me and the other customers. I would say maybe 1 out of 12 customers is NOT an asshole. Then comes the drive home. everyone seems to drive with there head up there ass. They also think they are indestructible because there in there car. A car isn't a 2 shield you can still get asswooped. after Work I go out to get a few drinks . in the distance from my table to the bar I probably on average come across 2 assholes. I'm not one to fight I think it proves nothing but if you bump into me in a bar don't be rude its your fault . It seems everyday the asshole population grows. Now this is newyork and theres allot of asses living here is like this where you live? Is our nation doomed? Where has respect and morals gone?

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    NO ONE CARES......

    with my job i deal with alot of people. assholes are everywhere..from the higher ups to the innercity people. office people to the factory workers.which is why im changing job titles in a week. i will no longer deal with the assholes in the public. i'll just have to deal with a few of them (co-workers) and that'll be very few!!!

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    Man, I live in the country and go to school in a small city and it is just as bad here. I will hear people bitch and moan to eachother all day long. People on the road are the worst. Want to know what really agitates me? Poeple driving slow in the left lane. I thought it is common knowledge that the left lane is for passing only. You do not drive 50 in a 65 in the left lane. No offence ladies, but it seems everytime time its a woman too.

    I would like to live in the 50's. Back then everyone knew about respect. Sometimes I feel like I am the only young guy with any mannors (people in my generation are the absolute worst when it comes to respect).

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    Wow Rage control,anger management dude you may have issues!LOL

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