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Thread: I Never Knew

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    I Never Knew

    that you used soo much shampoo when you have longer hair. i usually have a tight fade, no guard on the sides and back and cut on the top. i havent cut my hair in almost a year now and its really curly and puffy, the females love it. i have been using a bottle of shampoo every other week. i think i am gonna go catch a fade soon, this **** is hard to take care of. oh and it dosent dry very fast either. when i get out of the gym it looks sweet b/c its very afro lookin. thought i would share

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    lol.. i stopped cutting my hair about 3 months ago and i usually have a clean shaved head.. i told my girl that i wasnt cutting it again until my next cycle in april..haha..she dont like that one..

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