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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Ketchup
    Accent? Depends on where in Canada you are bro

    You know of all the regional accents in the UK, now imagine a country 300x the physical size with more separation between populations. English spoken in Newfoundland is so different than spoken in Vancouver that it's almsot scary.

    And the same applies to French... french is mostly spoken in Quebec and the maritime provinces (also a little in Ontario and Manitoba). Right off the bat Canadian french is a totally different dialect from France french... most france folks cannot understand us. And to boot within Quebec there are very regional french accents.

    Of course we all know that it's you brits who have the funny accent

    Haha i sware when i ring these people up they expect me to offer them "tea and crumpets"

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    I will either say "take care" or "later" when ending any type of conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMudMan
    I will either say "take care" or "later" when ending any type of conversation.
    I like that..."take care".....I might have to drop "later" and use this. When a friend, heck, just about anyone, when they are about to take off I pretty much say "Be careful". Habit I guess. At work or on the phone with anyone I work with or for I'm 100% professonial....I address everyone with Mr, Mrs, Ma'am and so on.....I don't even address anyone by their first name.....southern upbringing thing I guess.

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