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    OK.I've gotta really step out of character in the squared circle..

    .Whats up AR members..1st thing is happy be-lated holidays to everyone..Just got computer back and its been roughly a month + since I've been on..I got a call from a wrestling promoter to book me for a match in early feb...My normal wrestling gimmick is just basically a muscled, inshape athlete..there really isnt alot of dudes that work out as much as me in wrestling on the indy scene so i get over pretty easily..Anyways this promoter wants me to act like...hmmm shall we say MTV hip-hop thuggish style of wrestler...The trouble is I am prolly the Whitest -->Blk guy you dudes would ever know..LOL..No I dont dance like Bruce Springstien but I was the only at the Van Halens monsters of rock concert back in '88 and the only at the 1st KISS farewell tour back in '96..Hell I've even been picked off in a chat room as being the Whitest/Blk guy...funny..I guess the quest is how do I pull off being more Blk-hip-hop thuggish style infront of a live audience without breaking character..And still working the match..??
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    I could always do it for ya if you want, I live that style daily as I do dance, love rap and hip-hop, and all things affiliated.


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