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    Only in

    This is a good


    Pregnant belly ad gets $4,000 on eBay

    By Associated Press
    Posted February 4 2005, 8:31 AM EST

    MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -- A woman selling advertising on her pregnant belly will receive $4,050 from the highest eBay auction bidder, Golden Palace Casino.

    Amber Rainey will have the online casino's Web site temporarily tattooed to her stomach Thursday. It will remain until she delivers her first child, due on March 21.

    Rainey didn't think her belly would fetch much as advertising space, but the casino has a record of unusual buys in online auctions, including paying $28,000 for a grilled cheese sandwich that bears the image of the Virgin Mary.

    Rainey has received national attention as her eBay auction page received more than 50,000 hits. Still, she said she was surprised by the final bid price and other possible perks.

    Rainey said Golden Palace officials would like her to expose her belly at concerts and the Super Bowl, though no final decisions have been made.

    She hasn't decided whether she would auction another body part or stomach again.

    "Maybe once is enough," she said.

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    stuped people

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsxxr
    stuped people

    how ironic this statement

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    what..........i stepped in gum

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