Ok, this isn't a question at all. It's just something I had in my email account and had to share the laugh.

Three male mice are sitting at a bar with three shots of
arguing about how tough they are.

The first mouse says, "I'm so tough I break into the cupboard
just to eat the rat poison." He slams down his tequila and
looks at
the second mouse.

The second mouse replies, "That's nothing. I'm so tough I run
through a mouse trap, grab the cheese, flip onto my back and
press the killer springed trapwire." He slams down his tequila
looks at the third mouse.

The third mouse slams down his tequila, slid off his stool and
begins walking away from the bar. The other mice scream,
"Hey, Softy, where do you think you're going?!! "

The third mouse replies, "Home to shag the cat."