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Thread: feel so small

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    mmm diet coke with lemon

    feel so small

    does anyone ever workout super hard, come home and flex it up a bit and think to yourself... goddamn im tiny, this is how i feel right now and i can't seem to shake it, maybe i really am tiny

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    Bro, i have days when i feel the same way...I see guys that I work with at the gym and I think they are so much friggin' bigger than me, and it's hard. Other days I feel thick. Just don't let it get you down.

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    I get in those moods where feal small for a day or so. Kinda of depressing and I'm 270. Its all in your head bro. It's like were never satisfied. One day Im too small the next Im too fat

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    yep. We all go through that bro, some days (like today) i'll feel great about how I look and have a wonderful workout, others I'll have no drive, no energy, and feel depressed, its just part of it man...

    Whenever I'm in those slumps I just think, well I'm not very big compared to alot of the guys in the gym but at the same time I'm alot bigger than the majority of ppl walking down the street who don't train at all or don't know what they are doing. Also its good to keep in mind that life goes on and there is more to it than how you look.

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    I felt the same way today bro. I also posted a thread a short while ago asking a similar question...check it out.....

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    I feel the same way only for me it's always being too fat.

    But instead of letting it get you down I use it as motivation. If I ever start to want to get off the treadmill 5 min early I picture myself in the mirror, or if i'm having a crapy day at the gym and i start to want to leave i picutre myself in the mirror.

    Just keep on hittin it bro and those thoughts will eventually fade away.

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