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    Thumbs up To the male members of this board

    I can say that I'm pleasently surprised with the inteligence you male members who use anabolics display.Diesel from this forum has actually sent me a few unexpected pm's asking about my training experience,stats and so forth and seemed really interested to know about me(I appreciated this).A few years ago I'd have thought of you as "Stupid juiced up losers" who are looking for a quick fix for half assed eating and stupid training practices"(I think that's how my cousin sees most people who use gear) But I've grown and so has my opinion of you people.People like Diesel &(judging from the pics I saw)Braz Man would still intimidate the hell out of me just because they dwarf me horridly(not anyone's fault btw)and although I've never met or known anyone on gear I suppose that if they were nice and posessed the qualities I need/want from a friend that those feelings of intimidation would slowly disappear.And most definately all this talk about all the various anabolic is greek to me,but that's no biggie I'll just post my comment on the member pic forum,and post advice on the workout,nutrition and supplementation forums.Just figured I'd say this since it is actually a compliment.So I'm gonna watch tv so later peeps

    P.S.You guys better keep lifting hard;You don't want a rookie like me to catch up to ya'

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    thats wonderful big show.. good to have ya here and I hope you stay and learn as much as you can... I've been here for a few months but still a relative newb to all of this so I know how you feel. This board is soo much better than all the others, hands down.

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    Great post bro. Glad to have you among the elite here at AR. The door's always open so feel free to fire away with questions. PM if I can do anything to help. Rip it up bro!!!!

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    Big Show 23 Guest
    Originally posted by NightOp
    This board is soo much better than all the others, hands down.
    I'd say this board is better than most of the other boards,but this other board I belong to where I'm a senior member is just as good as this one.Although that's just my opinion.

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