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    JFK, Steroids, speed and cortisol. WHOA!


    John F Kennedy (1917 – 1963)

    In contrast to the grey establishment figures of the Eisenhower years, John F Kennedy represented everything the USA of 1960 aspired to: youth, vigour, dynamism and a sense that the American dream was in reach again. However, the image was a sham: Kennedy was conce****g a secret which could prevent him from becoming president.

    For more than ten years he had been suffering from Addison’s disease – the failure of the adrenal glands and the inability to produce the stress hormone cortisol, so vital to the body’s defences. Without a reserve of cortisol, a stressful situation or accident could bring about his physical collapse. When Kennedy’s rival for the presidency, India Edwards, unearthed his secret and made his Addison’s disease public, JFK denied the allegations and the matter was dropped.

    Ironically, one of the side effects of Addison’s, namely a bronzed glow, was to prove a huge advantage. In TV debates JFK outshone his Republican rival Nixon with his characteristic healthy tan and radiant smile, and went on to win the presidency. But Kennedy’s ascent to the top was fuelled by daily doses of hydrocortisone (synthetic cortisol).

    This new energy-boosting wonder drug was readily available by the end of the 50s. With cortisone stashed in safety deposit boxes all over the US during his campaign trail, and its prescription by three independent physicians, it is possible that JFK was taking well over the recommended dose. Mental side effects could include increased anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and an increased libido – perhaps responsible for JFK’s insatiable sex drive.

    Another serious condition plagued Kennedy. Born with one leg shorter than the other, he suffered from chronic back pain which required rocking chairs and heating devices, but most importantly injections of powerful painkilling drugs. Max Jacobsen a.k.a. Doctor Feelgood began to supply JFK with amphetamines (speed) which he claimed were vitamins, hormones and enzymes.

    By the time JFK discovered the true content of his injections, it was too late: he was hooked. When, on October 15th 1962, US spy planes witnessed Russian nuclear missiles being constructed on Cuba, the future of the western security lay with a compulsive risk taker dependent on both steroids and amphetamines. Even during this dangerous game of nuclear brinkmanship Dr Feelgood was supposed to have visited Kennedy. Fortunately, despite JFK’s increasing recklessness, Kruschev stepped down and war was averted.

    When an assassin’s bullet ended Kennedy’s life, his secret medical history played a decisive role. On that fateful day in the limo it was the back brace that held him in an upright position even after the first bullet struck so that the second bullet entered his head and ended his life.

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    whoa....never knew most of that..where did you find this info

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    1,717 I was looking for info on a production they did on cortisol, fight or flight, long term and short term affects (including benefits of cortisol!) a stock broker who squandered millions in a martingale scheme and more. It was an abso-fu(king-lutely AMAZING production. Discovery ROCKS!

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    Interesting. Good post.

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    Interesting info!

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