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    Quote Originally Posted by Juggernaut
    You're like ****ing kidding me right? Dude.....nothing tops the!
    Hows your boy doing Red? Been hiking lately?
    He he he you're absolutely right bro! Nothing does top the monkey! But what can I say... I had to loan it back to the Family Guy crew so they could make the Family Guy Movie I'll get him back eventually!

    Ah things have been quite excellent bro, summer here has been the nicest I've ever seen... weather has been simply awesome!

    Not as much hiking as I'd like, but I did just come back from a weeks vacation with my boy where we spoiled ourselves (paintball, ropes course, water slides, nice hotels...) it was quite nice to have fun, kick back and relax! The little dude starts 7th grade in sept... man they grow up WAY too fast!

    And how have things been for you? Keeping busy?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Juggernaut
    I swear to God I'm looking up how old you are right now. That's like asking if Paul MaCartney sang with another group before wings. hahahaha
    I'm 23 and who the hell is Paul Mcartney?

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    [QUOTE=305GUY]I'm 23 and who the hell is Paul Mcartney?

    Now that's funny. hahahaha

    Been busy as hell Red. But everything is really good all in all. Glad to hear you're doing well. Although I just watched "The Day after Tomorrow".......bro it doesn't look good at all for you Canadian bros.......if I were you I'm move down here in a hurry! People were forozen in seconds out in that storm! It looked so cold I started a fire in my living room and I don't even have a fire place and I live in Florida! Get out of there while you still can.

    Yes bro they grow up a lot faster than you can ever imagine. Sounds like he has a great father. Keep that bond strong bro.......very few real fathers out there bro. My hats off to you. really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juggernaut
    Good to see you bro.......married life treating you right? I'm getting a divorce. Yeah well **** you and your sympathy............I don't mean that I'm just bitter. Come on give us a the hands bub!


    She's putting up with me so far.

    Divorcing my first wife was the best thing that ever happened to me....

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    yeah right
    What happens when mods starts to argue?

    Then they ****ing argue!!!

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