1. It took 214 crates to transport the Statue of Liberty form France to New York in 1885.

2.It would take 11 Empire State Buildings, stacked one on top of the other, to measure the Gulf of Mexico at it's deepest point.

3.The largest jellyfish in the world has a bell that can reach 8 feet across and tentacles that extend over half the length of a football field.

4. The largest Great White Shark ever caught measured 37 feet and weighed 24,000 pounds. It was found in a herring weir in New Brunswick in 1930. The harmless Whale Shark, holds the title of largest fish, with the record being a 59-footer captured in Thailand in 1919.

5. Pandas spend about 12 hours a day eating bamboo.

6. The largest egg ever laid by a creature was that of the extinct Aepyornis of Madagascar. The egg was 9.5 inches long. It had a volume of 2.35 gallons.

7. London's Millennium Dome, the largest of its kind in the world, is over one kilometer in circumference and covers over 80,000 square meters.

8. Twice the size of Merchandise Mart in Chicago, the Pentagon has three times the floor space of the Empire State Building in New York.

9. More than 5,600 men died while building the Panama Canal. Today, it takes more than 8,000 workers to run and maintain the canal. It takes a ship an average of 33 hours to travel the length of the canal.

10. Warsaw, Poland, holds the distinction of opening the world's first public library in 1747.