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    2 girls at the gym 2night..

    i been going to my current gym in europe... for 8 months i never seen any hot girls there.. arround 18-22 finally tonight 2 hot girls.... it was a nice change.. i see new threads with this topic every day so i decided to make my own.. got some like looks and eye contact.. little chit chat.. nothing special.. but finally some ladies at my gym.. well to be honest when they look at me my reaction was.. NOOOO I NEED A HAIRCUT AND SHAVE DESPERITLY STOP LOOKING.. lol now im off to the hairdresser 2morow and have a shave... lol nothing special.. just my own happy thread for fine women at the gym...

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    woman are wonderful, i dont care where you meet them.. its NEVER wrong to be interested no matter where you are or what your doing imo (unless your at your wedding)

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