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    old toney freeman

    i was looking into big toney and found this old article on him here is a highlight that i thought was pretty amazing

    So when did you realize that you liked bodybuilding?

    When I started lifting, I was 160 pounds, and my first goal was to reach 200 pounds. I just wanted to put on a little size. It took me about a year and a half to reach that goal, actually I got to 195 pounds. That is when I really started enjoying it then. In 1991, I was just under 200 pounds when I saw Kevin Levrone win the NPC Junior Nationals and the Nationals, so in January 1992, I decided to give it a shot, to kind of make a career out of it, so that is when I started and got serious. I started working with this guy named Harold Hoag, who was into wrestling, so in about 2 Ĺ months, he took me from 200 pounds to 255 pounds.

    You gained 55 pounds in 2 Ĺ months?
    Yes, in about 10-11 weeks.

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    something about his arms look weird

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    That's one ugly looking mofo.

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