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    Scotty, beam me up

    Question meditation question?

    Does anyone here know any good page with instructions on how to meditate??

    I have awfull sleeping problems nowdays and they are only getting worse and I know that the thing that keeps me from sleeping is that I cant get peace in my mind. Feels like every little though in my head screams for attention at night when I try to get to sleep and its very anoying and depressing.

    Maby meditation will help me with that

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    You sound like a nut Johan!

    När du mediterar ska du sitta med benen i kors och andas långsamt och rensa huvudet på alla tankar. Tänk på ett glas med glass som sakta töms tills det är alldeles tomt.

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    My husband used to have a problem turning his brain off to get to sleep at night. He started taking Melatonin. You have to take it every day - now he starts snoring as his head hits the pillow.
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