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Thread: Rugby Anyone???

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    Rugby Anyone???

    Just wondering how many of you guys play rugby on this board cause for me rugby is life. I want to go pro one day but I dunno we will see how things go>>>>> RUGGER 4 LIFE

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    I played three years for an Air Force Base team. We played the local colleges and other local teams. I was a wing, although they were planning on moving me to flanker when the starting flanker(s) left the base. I moved before he did, and sadly I haven't played since then. I always felt I was too big and slow as a wing, but it was fun nonetheless.

    Awesome sport, I love it. There is a team in the new town I moved to this year, but I haven't been over to see them yet. I think Americans would love the sport if they would just get to know the rules.

    What position do you play?

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    Hang on a sec let me just read that again, aha , yep, umm, ok so americans play rugby well ill be ****ed i never would have thought. I thought grid iron was the only contact sport played over there but i have just been proved wrong. I tend to play either left wing or centre. We actually have clubs that play grid iron, been going a couple of years now and anyway they had an invitational team from USA come over and they were shown a game of rugby and the biggest guy of all said "wheres there padding" lol i almost busted a nut anyway enuff said im out...HITMAN

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    I play Rugby and love it. I play inside-center and the odd time Full-Back, but I personally think full back is a bullshit position.

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