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    just watched pumping iron.. i wonder

    Hey gang

    does anyone know what happened to the body builder Mike katz that was in pumping iron along with arnold and the gang?

    I have searched everywhere and i just cant find anything on him, i know it was a long ass time ago but someone has to know something.

    Im interested in the BB'ers of today and the past, i feel i can learn from each one of them no matter how long ago.

    what are your favorite BB'ers from today or yesterday?
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    last thing i remember reading about him was that he quit competing after the 81 O where he finished 15th and is now living in connecticut judging/gym owner/personal training. i know he also did some emcee work, i remember the 1995 (1996?) New England NPC Championships (or something like that). my memory is kind of bad though.
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