Not sure what's up but I'm normally almost distrubingly driven. I'm coming off Letro and I"m not sure if that has anything to do with it. My normaly borderline hyperactivity is reduced.

When I hit the gym, I've been leaving early and not finishing my work out.

The scariest thing is I'm self employeed and if I let up with can have a lasting financial effect that could take months to get out IF I can even get out. I have a good company and it cannot operate with out me motivating people and being very enthusiastic with my customers.

I just picked up some AMP'D the other day and that helps some. What's working though for you guys to get the energy levels up? I tried Spike and it did not impress me though. I'm just the type of person tha requires energy to stay positive and I have to be making accomplishments to stay happy.

So what's your favorite energy booster? I don't drink Coffee btw. Anyone else go tough this off PCT? What helped get past it or speed it up? Or do I just tuff it out and suck it up?