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Thread: Veggie Hot Dogs

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    Veggie Hot Dogs

    Hey, I want to know if anyone have ever tried Veggie hot dogs.

    I tried one today and they are a little more rubbery, but you dont even notice it when in the back of your mind you know that its way better for you and top it with ketchup and loads of onions. I also wrapped mine in 12 grain bread.

    They have I think 17 grams of protein, 110 calories, and fat i think is 1.5g. Sodium i think is 400mg though. It makes an excellent alternative to regular hotdogs if you cant resist.

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    I dont eat hot dogs I get different picture in my head and it creeps me out......

    j/k bro

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    Years ago I used to eat veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs and what not (I was a Vegan until I realized how dumb I was). The first few times I could barely get past like you said, the rubbery taste. But I found that if you cook them on the grill, they taste so much better.

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    Asking someone how good are veggie hot dogs is like asking someone how good is the gear form the roid store in the banner?

    Never tried it but it sucks!

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