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    Heres what i found for my two meds, mirtazapine (remeron) and methylphenidate (ritalin):

    Mirtazapine has shown to do the following:
    Increases conversion of T4 to T3

    Significantly decreases cortisol

    Ritalin has been shown to do the following:
    increase GH secretion

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    Dont take any meds...

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    I've been popping 10mg ritalin tabs like candy the past week or so (I have end of semester exams). It's AMAZING how effective they are.

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    I have never tried Ritalin or any meds for ADD but I have it. Cant read/study worth anything unless it's online, Forum or porn. LOL

    I think I should have my doc give me some Ritalin to try. I did do a 6 month study for a new ADD med and it was determined I had ADD, not ADHD but when they gave me the real meds, not the placebo I about had a hear attach. LOL My heart rate was through the roof.

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