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    Angry Run in with the Law

    Who's had run's with the law, funny or otherwise

    A comical moment for me was when after a friends birthday drink session I was trying to get home, had no money and was very drunk, I had a bout four miles to walk. As I walked through town I notice a girls bike, very old, chained to a post, the post was about 6ft6, I thought I could lift that up over the pole, will after much jumping I managed it!

    I started to cycle home, pissed! The Police pulled me over and said walk or else. I said yes officer, and they went away for a while only to catch up with me 15 mins later still cycling.

    This happened a couple of times and finally arrested me.

    They dumped the bike in a hedge and said I would have to come back for it, I protested and they retrieved it for me whilst I was in the Police cell. As I sobbered up I begain to worry about the stolen bike, bugger! Anyway they laughed alot as they weny through the charge of "drunk and charge of a pedal cycle, plus I had not lights!

    Anyway I was let off with a caution and on release quickly returned the bike from where it came from and walked back home!

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    LOL!!! That shit is hilarryASS.

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    I got arrested last year, after my friends bachelor party. I got pissed about something and was hammered so I left. I was arrested and woke up in a cell the next morning. I supposidly was jogginh down the street naked. I don't remember any of this but, I got off w/ no trouble.


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    BA don't think i could beat that one
    What happens here, stays here

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    LMAO... that was a good one big AL!!

    ive had a few "run ins" with the law from my "wild days"....none of wish i care to remember by typing them. there wasnt anything funny bout any of mine sooooooooo please keep postin the funny stories...KB wants to laugh some more

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    This is funny now but it wasn’t funny at the time: I was at a friend’s house, 2 girls 3 guys. All of us were underage except for the guys’ house we were at. We were all drunk as sailors, blasting the music, and naked in the Jacuzzi when we got a knock at the door…It was the cops. They were demanding that we open the door, so we did like any other stupid 18 yr olds would do and we all ran upstairs to hide (still naked) while my friend that was 21 went to the door. The 4 of us chose to hide in a little cubbyhole (closet), (You know the kind of closet that’s floor is really the ceiling to the room your directly above) Well my friend let the cops in, and as he was explaining to them that he was the only one there in the house, and that he was sorry for having the music so loud, the floor we were kneeling on gave way and the 4 of us crashed through the ceiling of the living room, conveniently the same room that the cops were standing in. The cops looked at my friend and said “Ahhhhh I thought you were the only one here huh?” "Nice of you 4 to drop in". So needless to say they made us get dressed and hauled us all down to the station where we were written up for underage drinking, and he was arrested for serving minors. It sucked at the time cuz we all lost our license for 90 days, but now when I think about this it was pretty funny to see the look on the cops faces when we crashed through the ceiling and landed on the floor.


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    When I was in High School I loved to drag race. I always drove tricked out camaros, vettes and trucks. I also loved runnig from the law. One night I had three local cops and two state troopers chasing me throgh the boonies. One of the local wiped out so they called the chase off. They arrested me the next day at work after school.

    Fast forward twelve years. I returned to my hometown as (drum roll) the District Attorney. Many of the cops who used to chase me are still around. Several damn near retired just from hearing i was coming back. Now I decide who to prosecute and how. they have to prepare their cases to my specifications. Ain't life a bitch.



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    This last time I went to jail the sheriff that booked me in recognized me. Turns out I was banging her sister.

    Then as I was in the holding tank, there was a younger guy in there that new one of my friends. Apperently we both had banged her.


    I have had several run in with the cops, none have been funny though becuase most of the time I end up in cuffs. Bastards.


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    BA that was some funny shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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