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    Sven in The Running Man

    Movie from 1987, The Running Man. Right before they banned steroids ...

    So jokes like these are funny.

    OK, so the YouTube video is lame because a 12 year old did the editing. I'm too lazy to capture it myself.

    But you get the picture. Pure movie genius to have a line like,

    Ben Richards: [to Killian] One of us is in deep trouble.
    [Sven enters]
    Damon Killian: [Laughs] Sven, do you wanna talk to Mr. Richards?
    [long pause]
    Damon Killian: Well?
    Sven: I've got to score some steroids.
    [Sven leaves]

    Just awesome. .

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    Just watched it the other day. That scene was in reference to earlier in the movie where Killian says something to Sven and he just kind of stands there. Then Killian says "What, steroids make you deaf?"

    Great movie. One of my favorites.

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    Anything with Arnold in it is one of the greatest films of all time. Excellent post, sir.

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    One of the best Arnold films ever

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    Yeah it's where Captain Freedom (Jesse "The Body" Ventura), is upset and won't leave. Killian says, "Get him out of here, what steroids make you deaf?".

    I mean I loved this movie as a kid, as with every movie Arnold was in. But it isn't really even a good movie. Now Total Recall, that was actually a good movie.

    But Arnold exudes so much personality and charisma, he's fun to watch no matter what. Lines like, "I hope you saved enough room for my fist, because I'm gonna ram it down your throat and pull out your shpine!" Are excellent.

    Ahhnold. The one-liner master.

    After reviewing what Sven says, I think what the line means is that Sven thinks about 'talking' to Arnold, but then realizes that he's gonna get his ass kicked unless he goes and scores some steroids. Funny how Arnold doesn't have his gun here, and funny how Killian would even suggest a physical confrontation when Arnold's team of rebels are all armed with assault rifles in the room... But I'm analyzing this way too much. It's a formulaic movie, but Arnold makes it great. You could take the crappiest script, crappiest movie, and put Arnold in it, and it's going to be awesome.
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