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    Cool test if you got the time to waist

    Cool test to take. but it says I'm severly over weight, lol..

    Your chronological age is 33
    Your biological age is 26
    Congratulations! You have achieved an extraordinary result - a significant slowing of your biological aging process, found in only a tiny fraction of the population

    The way that you are currently living your life should maintain your slow your rate of aging. You are in outstanding physical and mental health, able to live a vital, fulfulling and independent life. You feel good about both yourself and your body

    BMI: 30.4.
    You are seriously overweight. If you want a long life and good health, you need to gain muscle bulk in order to lose body fat

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    way too fvcking long

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    So I took the test and it stated I was overweight which is not my case. Those test don't know shit. LOL

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    140 questions? No way

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