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Thread: High tolerance?

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    High tolerance?

    i have no idea why but when i take supplements especially ECA and hydroxycut i feel no effects when it comes to the expected energy increases. Caffeine does little to me, i could drink 5 cups and hit the bed and be out like a baby.

    Just wondering how i can lower my tolerance levels to actually get some benefits out of supplements like ECA stack

    would a liver detox be benefical?


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    no coffe

    no coffee or any other kind so stimulate for a fews weeks, so ppl are more sentive than others, but let your system "clean out" for a bit, then try

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    peaker i'm the same way

    i'm a caffeine addict and any other type of stimulant.i can drink like 5 shots of expresso and it does nothing to me.same w/ all the ECA's.when i do mad drugs in a week, i can take like 3-4 thermadrene before a workout and it does's easy to build a tolerance

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