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    brachioradialis injury

    my brachioradialis is sore at the insertion (at the humerus) but yet i could still work out .It seems to get better the more i lift .I warm up real carefully .I am thinking it's the tendon and i was wondering what the best way to heal it is .Is it the RICE (rest,ice,compression,and elevation)method or is that just for muscles .

    How long would you use those wraps or are they even worth the time .It'sbeen there for a few weeks but it's not painful .It just lets me know it;s there and i want to make it better before something lets go


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    i have tendinitis in my forearm and sometimes my left brach twangs if you know what i mean...i have found the only way to really help it heal is to do lighter weight as to not put stress on the tendon/muscle. ligaments that connect everything in your elbow are particularly sensitive to the painful pressure that heavy bicep/forearm workouts generate.

    painkillers help, but are only temporary relief.

    heat works best for me...other than that i don't know what else to tell you. it is something you will have to continue to deal with for awhile if it is bursitis or tendinitis.

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