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    debt collector insults veteran

    this is pretty messed up. i wish i could ring thiis a$$holes neck

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    Very aggressive.

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    That's messed up. First they illegally froze their funds and then verbally abuses him and his wife who is also disabled and then tells him he should have died? Ive heard they can get agressive and abussive but that's taking it to far.

    I had to deal with several many years ago due to several debts my 1st wife had but I didnt find out until after we were married and shoping for a house. For the most part they all went easy because I went to them willing to pay the debt 100% if they would agree in writing to have it removed from the credit report. All said yes except on dumb ass rude desk jokey. When she started getting rude and threatening I just said either she gets her supervisor or I walk and nothing she can do about it. Her supervisor was in awe once she figured out it was ME who came to them, no phone calls or letters but I had found them and wanted to pay them and only wanted it removed from the credit report. She almost fired her helper on the spot and couldnt write the letter fast enough for me. lol

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    That is sad but those people have needed to been put in check for a long time.

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