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Tonight's video opens with Vince and Flair making the "who kisses who's ass" stipulations for last night's Main Event, then clips from the match itself, including interference from Jericho and Austin, who allowed Rock to get the pin and the chance to have his ass kissed by Vince McMahon.

The SmackDown! video rolls, the pyros explode, and that damned fist is still looking out of place, as we roll LIVE from America's Wrestling Town: Chicago, IL

Tonight we'll see Rock and Austin team against Angle and Jericho! But first, we've got a big six-man tag match to get to.

Edge marches down first, then Show and Kane, the #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles. Regal's music hits, and the former Commissioner comes down, only to have the refereee pat him down to check for brass knuckles. The D-Bombs drop, and the Dudleys come out with Stacy Keibler.

We start with a six-man brawl, but Show and Kane quickly dispose of the Dudleys. Edge back body drops Regal, but Regal comes back with a clothesline. Tag to D-Von.

Clubs by D-Von, then a choke on the ropes. Tag to BuhBuh. Double shoulder block by the Dudleys. BuhBuh hits three elbow drops 1-2-kickout. tag to Kane.

Kane with back body drops to everyone, and then Big Boots all around. He goes up top and hits the Flying Clothesline to Regal. The Dudleys knock Show off the apron, but Edge makes a blind tag.

Regal knocks Edge off the apron, while Big Show comes back and clotheslines the Dudleys down. Stacy runs over and hands Regal the brass knuckles, and then goes to distract Show, but Kane scares her into the ring. Show attempts to spank Stacy, but the Dudleys attack from behind.

They Dudleys take out Kane, while Regal nails Show with the brass knuckles. Edge dives in the ring and Spears Regal down. Edgececutioner to D-Von 1-2-3!

In the back, Angle breathes a sigh of relief when Vince shows up. Vince asks if Angle really thought Vince would not show up and make Angle lose his shot at being Undisputed Champion. Angle says that it wasn't his fault about last night, it was Austin's. Vince says he has a big surprise for Austin later tonight, and as for Rock, Vince has a plan so that it will be Rock who kisses Vince's ass tonight, and not the other way around. Fade Out

In the back, Matt is dressing out, when Jeff comes up and asks Matt why he's facing RVD for the Hardcore Title when Matt told him not to even compete in regular single's matches to help the team. Matt says that this is a tune-up for their match at Vengeance. Jeff hopes that Matt wins the Hardcore Title so that he can walk out of Vengeance the Hardcore Champion. Matt says that Jeff seems to be depending on "his Lita" to see things Jeff's way. Jeff remarks that she must not be seeing things Matt's way since she isn't even here with him tonight.

In the back, Angle likes Vince's plans for Austin, but asks about Vince's rough throat. He gives Vince some cough drops and comments about how Vince is going to have to go out and kiss Rock's bare behind. Vince says that won't happen and begins to lay out his plan. But of course, we don't hear it, because we Fade Out.

Matt starts with a side headlock and ashoulder block. Neckbreaker by Matt, who goes outside and gets his famous ladder. RVD grabs the ladder from Matt, but Matt jumps on one end, and it seesaws into RVD's groin. Matt baseball slides the ladder into RVD's chest.

On the ramp, Matt rams the ladder into RVD's ribs repeatedly up onto the stage. RVD ducks the ladder toss and bulldogs Matt onto the ladder. RVD disappears for a moment, and reappears with a trashcan, chair, and technical case. RVD knocks Matt onto the case and legdrops him off 1-2-shoulder up.

RVD opens up the ladder, but Matt nails him with the can and knocks him in between the legs. Matt smashes RVD between the ladder and then goes on top of the case. Split-leg drop onto the ladder onto RVD by Matt 1-2-shoulder up!

Matt sets the ladder up like it's meant to be, and then grabs a chair. He starts to climb the ladder, chair in hand, and leaps off. RVD leaps and hits a Van Daminator to the flying Matt Hardy! 1-2-3!

As RVD celebrates his win, Undertaker appears and attacks RVD from behind. He smashes RVD into the stage and grabs the ladder. He crushes the ladder into RVD's ribs, and mocks RVD's thumb taunt. Fade Out

In the back, Vince says that his throat is feeling better, just as he's feeling better about taking out both Rock and Stone Cold tonight. Vince wonders about going out there and instead of using his throat drop as a throat drop, using it as a supository up the Rock's ass!

In the ring, Scotty and Albert dance down to the ring. Test marches down, stern face all the way. Finally, European Champ Christian comes down to join his fellow Canadian and tag-team partner.

Scotty and Christian start out, but Test quickly tags himself in. Back elbows by Test, but Scotty hits a missile dropkick to the chest 1-2-kickout.

Christian holds Scotty while Test runsa t him, but Scotty low blows out and kicks Test. Scotty turns to knock Christian off the apron, but he turns back into a boot from Test. Tag to Christian.

Christian with mounted punches and a two count. Boot scrape by Christian, and chops to the chest. Tag to Test, who kicks away on Scotty. Back elbows from Test. Scotty comes back with a shoulder thrust and a Sunset Flip, but Test grabs the ropes to keep from falling. Hebner kicks Test's arms from the ropes and Test flips over 1-2-kickout.

Back elbow by Scotty and a Superkick. Both men go down and crawl to their corners. Tag to Albert. Albert clotheslines Test and Christian down. Albert takes Christian down and swings him around. Engulfing smash to Test. Tag to Scotty.

Scotty whips Albert into Test and then into Christian. Outside, Albert and Christian fight, while inside, Test gets bulldogged by Scotty. Scotty goes for the Worm, but Christian runs in and grabs him. He looks for the Unprettier, but Scotty shoves him into a Baldo Bomb! Test regains his footing and Big Boots Scotty and Albert. Test pins Scotty 1-2-3! and then Big Boots Hebner for good measure. Fade Out.

If Ya Smell.... the Rock marches down, belt in hand, to the ring, ready to have Vince McMahon kiss his ass. Before tonight's big tag match, before he goes into Vengeance to become Undisputed Champion, Rock has some business to take care of. Chicago is known for a lot of things: the Windy City, the first place Bears, and now, the city where Vince got on his knees and kissed some ass!

"No Chances" hits, and Vince McMahon struts out, smirk on his face. Vince takes the mic from Rock and smiles at his adversary. Let's get one thing straight: Rock expects to come out here and belittle Vince? He's Vince McMahon, damnit, and he doesn't kiss ass, much less The People's Ass. In a few moments, Rock is going to pucker up and apologize to Vince.

What? What? What? Stone Cold appears on the TitanTron just 'what? what? what?'-ing away. DId Vince think Kurt Angle would run down and save Vince from kissing Rock's ass? Funny thing is, Stone Cold just beat the hell out of Vince's back-up plan. The camera pans down to Angle, crawling up, only to be stomped back down by Austin.

Stone Cold came here to make sure Vince kissed someone's ass. If Vince leaves up that ramp, Austin will be waiting to give out some knuckle sandwiches. "Boy," Rock says, "it sure sucks to be you tonight."

dun...dun...dun...Dun Dun!

Flair comes out and says that Plan A didn't work for Vince tonight, so he'll stop Plan B before it starts: if anyone comes out to interfere with this stipulation, they'll be suspended. WHOO!

Rock turns to Vince and tells him to get on his knees. Vince shakes his head in refusal. He takes off his jacket, while Rock coaxes Vince into dropping to his knees. Now the time we've all been waiting for: The People's Ass. Rock slowly pulls down part of his pants, but Vince pulls away. So Rock pulls down the other side of his pants, and again Vince pulls away.

No, wait. Vince's lips aren't good enough to kiss The People's Ass. Vince smiles, but Rock stops him. He says that, just because Vince isn't going to kiss his ass doesn't mean he's not kissing any ass. The ass Vince is kissing will be a slobberknocker!

Boomer Sooner plays, and Jim Ross marches down to the ring, yelling at Vince. JR puts his famous hat on Vince's head, while he slaps his ass in Vince's face.

No, wait. Vince won't kiss JR's ass. No, Rock has something even better in mind. JR goes to take a seat at the announce table, while Rock describes the ass Vince will have to kiss, one that will give him Stratusfaction!

Trish marches down to the ring, while Vince gets a big smile on his face. He nods in approval, while Rock gives him some Chap-Stick. Rock has Trish turn around and drop her pants. Vince runs to kiss her ass, but Rock stops her just before he gets there.

What does Vince think he's doing? That's not the ass he's going to kiss. He sends Trish to the announce table, while he announces that the tricks are over. There is only one ass that Vince can kiss.

Rikishi's music plays, and the man with the giant ass dances down to the ring. He turns to Vince, but Vince gets up and says no way. Rock gives Vince a Rock Bottom and then holds Vince down, while Rikishi bends over. Rock smashes Vince's face right into Rikishi's ass for a good ten seconds! Rock announces that the Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass club is officially closed!

Earlier tonight, Jacqui asks Crash what's up with him wishing Trish luck against her at Vengeance. Crash says that it doesn't matter who wins, because it's just a stupid girls' match. Jacqui says that this girl can kick his ass any night, especially tonight.

In the arena, Crash and Jacqui are down for this match, with Crash ready to go. Jacqui catches him with a back elbow and he backs off. Right hands from Jacqui and another back elbow. Headscissors from Jacqui, but then Crash gets in a cheap shot. Stomps from Crash, but Jacqui comes back with chops. Crash pulls Jacqui down and pulls her hair back. Suplex by Crash 1-2-kickout 1-2-kickout.

Scoop slam by Crash. Crash goes up top, but Jacui 'buckles him and locks him into the Tree of Woe. She dropkicks the prone Crash and rolls him up 1-2-kickout. Overhead rollup 1-2-kickout.

Jacqui hits a kick to the gut and calls for a DDT, but Crash blocks and goes for a suplex, but Jacqui maintains her hold and DDTs Crash on the way down 1-2-shoulder up. Crash goes for a suplex, but Jacqui rolls him up. Crash rolls through and pulls the tights to help get the 1-2-3!

Afterwards, Crash pushes Jacqui away, so she shoves him down.

In the back, Angle calls Vince on the phone, saying that he doesn't doubt Vince's decision to leave. Angle says that he'll make it up to Vince by becoming Undisputed Champion, but Vince hangs up on him. Fade Out.

In the back, Booker T knocks on Vince's door, but finds Flair inside instead. Flair tells him that Vince left, but since he owns half the company, he can help Booker. Booker says that he and Vince both hate Stone Cold's guts, so Vince'll be the one that gets him a job. Flair asks if Booker was the one that stole Austin's truck. Booker says that it was just a quick joyride, and he brought it back. Flair says that Vince isn't here, and he can't help Booker because he is not hiring tonight.

In the back, Taker comes up on the aPa. They stare at him, so Taker asks what's up. Bradshaw asks for an explanation, but Taker says he doesn't owe them one. Bradshaw says that they are the ones that had Taker's back when he fought for the WWF Title; they were the ones riding with him in the darkside days. That's why they take this slap in the face personal. Taker says that he didn't slap anyone, because if he did, they would be sitting here crying. Taker realizes that they must think they're better than him, so if they want to take it to the ring, he'll be out there waiting. Fade Out.

Taker backs Bradshaw into a corner and elbows away, but Bradshaw kicks out of the corner and hits a shoulder block. Knees and clubs by Bradshaw, then a clothesline in the corner. Neckbreaker by Bradshaw with an elbow follow 1-2-shoulder up.

Taker pulls Bradshaw to the outside, where he pushes Bradshaw into the ringpost. Elbows and punches by Taker. Back in the ring, Taker with straight punches to Bradshaw, but he runs into a Big Boot. Elbow drops by Bradshaw 1-2-shoulder up.

DDT by Taker, and both men go down. Faarooq makes his way down the ramp and gets on Taker's bike. He starts it up, while Bradshaw clotheslines Taker over the top. Faarooq rides up the ramp, but Bradshaw brings Taker back into the ring. Bradshaw goes for the Clothesline From Hell, but runs smack into a Big Boot! Chokeslam by Taker 1-2-3!

Taker goes right out of the ring and up to the stage. He finds the motorcycle and assumes that Faarooq must have run off scared. He goes back to the ring, but RVD appears from the back with a chair and lays out Taker. Fade Out.

In the back, Sharmell asks Jericho about not faring well last night. Jericho says that he could care less that he didn't live up to her expectations. The only person who's opinion matters is him, so she better sit back and shut up. Tonight, he'll beat Rock and Austin just like he'll do at Vengeance, to become the greatest star the WWF has ever seen.

The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00, and out comes the Ayatollah. "Medal" hits and Kurt Angle comes out. Rock comes down, and immediately gets attacked by Austin. The glass breaks, and Austin runs down to save his partner.

Austin and Angle battle in the ring, while Rock and Jerichobattle outside. Stunner to Angle! 1-2-broken by Jericho. Tag to Jerihco.

Austin with knockdown punches. Back body drop to Jericho and a back body drop. Austin smashes Jericho into the turnbuckle and clotheslines him down. Austin locks in the Walls of Jericho, but Angle hits him in the back. Austin knocks Angle to the outside and tags in Rock. Samoan Drop to Jericho 1-2-kickout.

Knees by Rock, but Jericho hits a flying forearm. Low dropkick by Jericho. Tag to Angle. Rock chops away on Angle in the corner and clotheslines him down. Overhead throw by Rock and a smash into Austin's boot. Tag to Austin.

Austin chops away, but Angle suplexes him down. Tag to Jericho. Austin hits a Lou Thesz Press, but Jericho comes back with a spinning heel kick 1-2-kickout.

Punches by Jericho. Austin goes for the Lou Thesz again, but Jericho catches him and goes for the Walls, but Rock knocks him down. Tag to Angle.

Angle and Austin battle inside, while Rock and Jericho have begun a brawl outside. Jericho whips Rock into the ringpost, while Angle trips Austin and locks in the AngleLock, but Austin is able to make it to the ropes. Jericho runs in and pulls Austin off teh ropes. Angle again locks in the AngleLock, but notw Rock clotheslines him down. Tag to Rock and Jericho.

CLothesline by Rock, then another. Flying forearm to Jericho. Punches in the corner to Angle. Rock ducks and Jericho clotheslines Angle. DDT to Jericho 1-2-broken by Angle.

Austin grabs Angle and they brawl outside, whil insid, Jericho low blows Rock and Rock Bottoms him! Jericho crawls to make the cover 1-2-broken by Austin!

Angle pulls Austin back outside. Angle smashes Austin into the annoucne table, while inside, Rock locks the SharpShooter on Jericho. Angle goes to dive in, but Austin reaches up and grabs his legs! Jericho taps!

Angle goes over and Olympic Slams Jericho! Angle goes up the ramp, claiming that the Titles will be his, while in the ring, Rock and Austin stare each other down. Rock goes to leave, but Austin pulls him back. Rock again goes to leave, and Austin gets in his face. Austin hands a beer to Rock. Rock takes the can, and toasts Austin's WWF Title belt. Austin does the same to Rock's World Title belt. Then they toast each other and celebrate for the fans. End Show.

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