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    Doctors and AAS?

    Seeing this thread made me think, and remember something...OH SHIT!
    I had told a previous doctor about AAS useage. Does anyone know how i could find out if he has that info on my record/file?

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    Just reinforces the fact why you shouldn't let outsiders in on your business. You never know who might turn around and use it against you someday. I know its sad, but the only person I trust is myself.

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    When I was having problems with one of my shot sites I came clean with my Dr. but only after he promised me what I was about to tell him was OFF THE RECORD!! bastard probably wrote me up as a health hazard as soon as I walked out!!

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    I've been telling you guys this forever. In Jacksonville, Florida a man had been drinking at a barbeque and cut himself. The doctor put in his file possible Alcoholic with no evidence or proof. The man was turned down for jobs and health insurance. He finally sued to get it taken out of his record but it was a long process.

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    OMG.....and I thought doc/patient info. was confidential .....i want to hear from Heartdocmd or Doc M about this one....

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