We get enough members asking about this, so we figured it'd be worth explaining and sticking.


'Basic' titles are automatically assigned based on post count. You start off with a post count of zero and the title of New Member. As your post count increases, you'll progress through additional titles:

Junior Member (earned at 50 posts)
Associate Member (earned at 100 posts)
Member (earned at 500 posts)
Senior Member (earned at 1000 posts)
Anabolic Member (earned at 2000 posts)

Anabolic Member is the furthest the basic titles go. Once you reach 2001 posts, you can come up with a custom title (example: AR's Sexy Beast) and PM *admin* for consideration. If fitting, it'll replace the general 'Anabolic Member' title, and all the newbs will think you're the shyt, lol!

Female members can (and should) request to be 'turned pink'. This not only designates them as confirmed female members, but also allows them access to the female only forums.

Knowledgeable and Productive (red and blue, respectively) are titles assigned to specific members to acknowledge going above and beyond, generally by consistently offering up good advice, helping newer members, supporting and enforcing board rules, alerting staff when rules are broken, etc. They are typically selected by staff for consideration, and assigned by Admin. Post count has little bearing on earning one of these titles (within reason. Obviously, a person with 8 posts will not yet have had the opportunity to display any of the aforementioned desirable qualities), i.e. there are members with thousands of posts who have no color, and conversely there are members with just a few hundred who do.


Staff are hand picked by admin and/or senior staff based on several desirable qualities beside the ones already mentioned. Our job first and foremost is to ensure board rules are being followed. Rules are in place to protect our members and allow for a positive experience while using these boards. We spend our time here simply for the love of it, and because we believe this is the best resource board on the web. We are not paid employees, and as such, appreciate the cooperation of our members in keeping this place #1.

Monitor - Tier 1 Staff

Vet - Tier 2 Staff

HOF'er (or Hall Of Famer) - Tier 3 Staff

Elite HOF'er (or Elite Hall Of Famer) - Senior Staff

*admin* - the mafukkin boss!!! Judge, jury, and executioner!!!

System Admin - just as his title states - "The Guy Who Pays For This Site" aka Owner.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion regarding how the title system and staff system works here. Feel free to start a Q&A dialogue.