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Thread: just sharing

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    just sharing

    sharing some good news :-)
    my to foster brothers ages 12 and 14 just had their new placement physical. Their last physical was just before they were place with me at the end of June.
    They moved in here July 1st and within a month you have to have a new physical done to make sure that everything's kosher at the new foster placement :-)
    so the 12 year old is severely overweight 5'4" 200 pounds and the 14 year old with severely underweight 5'9" 110 pounds when they moved in.
    A month of being with me and such great news! The younger one who was overweight Had dropped 10 pounds already!! And the underweight 14 year old had gained 2 pounds!
    Both boys were very happy- it literally brought tears to my eyes see them so happy.
    I keep An assortment of nuts round the house for them to snack on and every week when we go grocery shopping they are to allowed to pick out whatever fruit they want for the week and they get $1 if they're good in the supermarket to spend on whatever they wish. When I cook breakfast its steak and eggs or Eggs an ham or eggs and Turkey bacon for breakfast they can have as much as they want and with dinner they can also have as much as they want. And they are encouraged to make choc protein shake at any time.
    anyway it was really nice to see that them just eating different foods made such a dramatic change for them :-)

    and I think it's just the beginning... Because now that I well have no classes until fall and I bought them new bikes they can go bike riding with me on the trails and have more time to come to the gym with me :-)

    I just wanted to give props to the site and thanks everybody that post here because even if I don't post- I read through a lot of threads and posts to get a guys perspective and information on guys diet etc and I have to follow my own plan but I do cook dinners and lunches and breakfast according to what I think will help promote for boys to build a healthy muscle mass in these crucial pre teen years. And from what you all post and how I apply it it seems there is definitely a positive shift and these two kids and that's awesome the see.

    so this site rocks you all rock and I hope to post more good news about the kids in the future :-)
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    Excellent news. Good for them...and you! Kudos

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    Good news

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    Awesome job! The world needs more people like you.

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    That's awesome!!!!

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