members question: Just an overall view of how Kel got involved in lifting and where he sees himself in 10 years (in regards to lifting) would be great.
Kel: First part was answered above. In ten years? Hopefully doing exactly what I'm doing now. This sport, if done correctly keeps you young. I will not get old gracefully. NFW

members question: If you could spend the day with one member of the forum, who would you choose and why.
Kel: I'll answer that twice to be fair. If it were a male it would be Marcus as I'd like to train with him for a period of time. It would be brutally fun. If it were a female it would be GGR. I'd train with her too, well, er sorta. Like her attitude / demeanor. If she'd let me that is.

members question: Seems you may deal with delicate personal issues in the HRT forum. Approximately how
many PMs do you receive in a week?
Kel: No clue how many but a lot. I've often said I think I answer more pm's than I do forum questions. And that's just fine. I understand members do not want to put everything out there and it's nice to have someone they can confidentially talk to and bounce things off of.

members question: When did he start lifting and why?
Kel: Skinny and in high school. I think I expanded on that one a bit above. The usual reasons I guess. Just wanted to be bigger.

members question: Also when he started was he already a natural big guy.... (not sure how else to word that?)
Kel: Not at all. 5'11" and about 150. Naturally skinny. Once I started lifting it just felt right. I found something that just fit me.

members question:. Does being vascular and ripped run in his family?
Kel: Kinda answered a bit ago but my brother is vascular and does not lift weights at all. So a definite maybe! I guess it is kinda cool though. In the summer I get approached by a good amount of people in the health field who seem fascinated by veins.

members question: Mr. Kel - How have you modified your work out routines over the years to accommodate for the wear and tear from all the years lifting?
Kel: Transitioned to HIT training a dozen years or more ago. Plus reduced the amount of workouts per week. To me, less is more as we age. I work out EOD now. Always a rest day in between.

members question: If you were to correlate your knowledge of both exercise and nutrition over the years to the time you have actively spent on the board here, would you say that your body of knowledge has grown as a direct result of being a member here, or did you bring with you a fairly high level of knowledge with you prior to onboarding?
Kel: Well, I've been into this lifestyle way before this board or the internet came about so I came here with a good amount of knowledge gained. That said, I learn something new almost every day on this forum. That's the beauty of it. We all can continue to learn from each other. The science behind this sport is always changing.

members question: Have you had any significant surgeries that directly result from gym injuries?
Kel: Just a hernia years ago. Had it repaired laparascopically. No fun recovering from it. Those holes F'n hurt. They put a screen in. Pre surgery I asked the doc to just put one in on the other side while there but he said he couldn't. I was back squatting in about 6 weeks or so.

members question: What is the longest amount of time you have went not going to the gym?
Kel: Took one year off when my son was born. Took it real easy coming back to acclimate my joints, etc.

members question: What is the longest stretch of time you have been continuously active in the gym?
Kel: Since I was a teenager, other than the one year listed above. It's a lifestyle for me, not an occasional or seasonal thing to do.

members question: What is the singular most common mistake you think is made by newbs in the gym?
Kel: Over training followed by not training legs as well as poor nutrition. Way to many new guys think they eat enough and train hard enough but in reality they don't. They've just never been pushed. We see those newb posts here all the time complaining they can't gain weight yet they eat enough, blah, blah......

members question: In a MMA match, who do you think wins? DSM or Shol'va?
Kel: This might be a trick question. I think both sides of that coin would be heads. Think about it. You'll get it....

members question: What is the weight of the heaviest woman you have ever slept with?
Kel: No clue. I don't like scales. Nothing out of proportion though. I'm kinda picky.

members question: Beer or Pepsi?
Kel: Beer's healthier

members question: Too fat or too old? If you had to pick one or the other for a woman you hook up with at a bar, what would it be?
Kel: Old. Christie Brinkley's old right?

members question: What is the basis for your knowledge of HRT?
Kel: Well, over the years I've done ton's of research on aas and developed an understanding of hormones. Then when hit with a pituitary tumor I began researching all aspects of TRT to expand my knowledge. My GP quickly could not handle my questions. Love the guy and still see him for all but TRT. He sent me to an endo who sucked. I knew more than him and I basically fired him during one visit. He called me later on my cell to try to talk about it. I basically told him to stick to diabetes and metabolic diseases as TRT is not his forte. I landed with a Uro who's become a personal friend. I have the latitude to control my own protocol. I'll email him a few days prior to an appt with a list of meds needed and how I want the scripts written. It's role reversal when we meet. He'll sit down and I go through my BW with him and discuss any points of interest. I always have a couple undated scripts for BW and a blank one (serious) to use if needed. We trust each other.

On top of that I have a decent amount of free time, usually when working, so I'm on pubmed, endo journals, etc all the time. If something piques my interest I just research it until I understand it (hopefully.) My GP and Uro have both contacted me to help them with guys who've abused aas and needed some help getting them straight. My Uro said it best when he said we learn from each other every visit. My real world knowledge enhances his and his medical training helps mine. I very much enjoy my doc visits.

members question: Tell us about the best fight you were ever in?
Kel: Ha. Two guys, brothers. Fighting in the street. I pull up and didn't know if they were f'n around or what as it's 3 am. Tapped the horn and they both stopped. One kicked my car. I get out mad and they both were average height, weight and I think they realized it was a mistake. One did anyway. I looked at my car and there was no damage so I was going to leave until the mouthy one just wouldn't stop. There's always a mouthy one. I approached him, he swung and I decked him. Remember they were relatively hit in the ass. This pissed the other brother off and he then tried to tackle me and I pushed him away. He tried again and I eventually struck him a time or two and ended it. I ran into them about a month later and they apologized. Funny in retrospect.

members question: Any good military experiences?
Kel: Nope. But I'm extremely patriotic and pro military. Don't get me started on what our current administration is doing to our military when it needs to be at its strongest.

members question: When was the last time your significant other walked in on you while you were spanking the monkey?
Kel: Loaded question. Never.

members question: What was the worst cycle you ever experienced? What made it so?
Kel: In retrospect probably my first. Dbol only way before any info was available for guidance. Guys are so lucky today. Bad as it was mostly all water retention. Nobody knew what an AI was back then. Imagine that.

members question: What is the best cycle you've ran? What types of gains did you realize?
Kel: Just 750 test, 500 deca (or low dose tren maybe) and anavar . Guys overemphasize the chemicals and don't put enough into training and nutrition. Especially nutrition. Once guys learn this they'll get far more of their money's worth out of a cycle. No clue how much I gained.

members question: What suggestions would you make to improve this forum?
Kel: Only real thing would be for guys to be a bit nicer to each other. On occasion guys can get pretty tense. Yes, some topics are potentially volatile but guys need to remain calm. There's a way to get their point across a bit more professionally. Refer guys to sticky threads for sure but remember, this is a forum and people want to interact with like minded individuals and hear responses from a variety of forum members.

members question: Any members from the past or present that have inspired you? How so?
Kel: Many guys here inspire me. Both staff and regular members. Some of the knowledge here is simply amazing. I'll point out a couple out of a large group. Austinite and Jimmy for their excellent write up's they have done which give guidance to all. Marcus for his inspiration to all those in the Diary thread. It's the thread that keeps on giving. Even some of the very new guys here inspire me with their drive and motivation to learn. I remember being "them" years ago. BC and admin for putting up with me and maintaining such a forum.

members question: What are your plans for the future? Are you planning on lifting into your old age? And what would your goals be if you do? To continue to gain some how? or to maintain a certain LBM and bf%?
Kel: It's a lifestyle so yes, I'll lift as long as physically possible. Like Jack LaLane (sp?) Goals are more to maintain LBM moreso than to add it. If I can add great but as we age it gets tougher. Re BF% I have no clue. Never checked it as I have no reason or desire not to be in condition year round.

members question: What are your thoughts on the benefits of HGH in an anti aging regime compared to everything else except HGH? Do you really feel HGH has such significant value so as to justify the high cost?
Kel: Obviously it has benefits, but the cost to benefit ratio is the hold-up. I think proper utilization of testosterone can accomplish the same thing. Keep this in perspective here as I'm not talking about exorbitant usage like some pro's do. Low dose long term is better than high dose short term, imho.

members question: What are your thoughts on ED? Do you feel that you can prevent ED simply by dialing in all hormone levels? Or do you believe that hormones are only a part of the issue, and there are other root causes not addressable by optimal hormone levels?
Kel: I think I don't want to have it. And thanks for making me think about now. Of course your body's homeostasis plays into how everything functions and yes, it's only part of the issue. Your drive is mostly mental but it takes a combination of the two for optimum performance. Unless, of course, you want to try Tri-Mix or something (think insulin needle into your weiner.) That'll give a dead guy a boner. There are so many things that can play into ED that this answer can take a full page.

members question: What are your thoughts on Caberject? It's a fairly steep price per dose. Do you think there are other alternatives that are equally as effective?
Kel: Assume you mean Caverject? Look into the Tri-Mix above. Good stuff. If you have a boner for hours simply call every girl you know. But that over extended boner is blown (insert joke) out of proportion. Simply take a couple psuedoephedrine's to alleviate the problem in most cases.

members question: Do you suspect that PT141 may have a similar response if administered the same way as Caberject?
Kel: No. PT 141 acts as an aphrodisiac while Caverject is a smooth muscle relaxer basically.

members question: When and why did you become interested in HRT and endocrinology ?
Kel: Grow one pituitary and it'll change your life. So, around 2009 or so is when it hit me like a ton of bricks. Knocked me down to a 59 (and dropping) T level. The why is because I want to understand everything that's going on. I don't like depending on a doctor. If I'm going to ask my doc a question I want to already know the answer.

members question:What was the highest body fat percentage you have ever been at?
Kel: No clue but it's never high. always have abs whether I try or not. Sorry.

members question: How long have you had your ferocious guard dog for?
Kel: A little over two years. Great little thing. Super personality.

members question: What exercises must one do to get his/her veins to flex?
Kel: ??? It's just low (er) body fat and genetics.

members question: At what age did you get serious about bodybuilding/training?
Kel: Started in my teens and got serious just after high school. Soon as I started seeing progress i was hooked. Been that way ever since.

members question:What made You decide to switch from just an AAS user to AAS mentor for the less experienced people out there? Have you always been a teacher/mentor at heart or was there a specific event that changed your direction and lead you to where you are now?
Kel When I found this forum it was related to my quest for TRT knowledge. Then I started checking out the others here and just loved the place. Teacher, no. Mentor, well I had some good ones when I was younger and paying it forward it just a good way to live