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    Are Any Of Our Aussie Friends Still On The Board?

    Just curious to see if Stevie 6t9 or any of the others are still here as I was wondering what has become of the crowd that hung around with the guy whose name I shall not mention but starts with a Z. where is Supaturk these days and all the others? Just curious to know as I never ever hear about that crowd since it's main man died. I know most don't give a flying fig but i am just a little curious to know where are they now? All locked up over there in Aussi Land?

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    None are locked up at all.

    The boys are still making gym movies, but not so much any more, they still go to festivals,

    Chestbrah recently did his FIRST physique comp and didnt place, but he did look good, I think they are just moving on with there lives.

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