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Thread: **marcus300 interviews Obs**

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    **marcus300 interviews Obs**

    Marcus300 interviews Obs

    marcus300: Welcome Obs I hope you're well. Thank you for doing the interview and I would think this is going to very interesting.
    What are your current stats and where abouts in this world do you live?
    Obs: 5' 11" (I think) may be 5'10" its been some time since I measured. Current weight is about 225-230. Bf is between 10-12%. On lifts I have not maxed and do not care to ever. Simply seems like a good way to get injured and put an end to my progress
    I live in Missouri, in a small town outside Kansas City.

    marcus300: When did you first start training and why? I guess you use to be the skinny kid always getting picked on or that's the impression you give ?
    Obs: I started training about a year and seven months ago.
    Before I had trained and ran gear, years before, but a marriage came between. The dissolving of that relationship and the mental state I was left in sent me back. I had missed it dearly. Having goals again for my physique helped me kill the old me. I was never picked on but some would have considered my brother picking on me but all older siblings do to some degree.
    My father and brother would have beat my ass to death If I backed down from a bully.

    marcus300: How many cycles have you done and what would you say is your best cycle so far?
    Obs: I honestly dont know any more but 7-9... I dont cycle any more, I blast and cruise, continually experimenting. I have done things some would call not a cycle and others would call crazy. Best cycle is always the one I am on. In terms of changes and good... The first cycle is always the best. I am a fan of nandrolone and test the most
    marcus300: What size would you like to be, I think I remember you wanted to look like a pro but seriously what would you be happy with regarding stats and how you look? and do you think you will turn pro one day?
    Obs: I will reach Seth Feroce's size and similar shape. One reson he stood out to me is his shoulders and mine are set up very similar. I have lost any and all doubt I will be a pro. I wondered and worried and then I took my shirt of in the gym mirror and thought about what the other fit people looked like... I will be a pro. My body loves this and I am set up for it.

    marcus300: What kind of training do you prefer for growth and whats your diet like these days?
    Obs: I have tried very mixed training but employed the standards of HIT to nearly all of it. I bastardized techniques from many different people. My workouts never mirror. That is about to change though as I will be employing a program from a trainer I met named, "Marcus300". My diet is clean, chicken, rice, fish, eggs, fruit, etc. until
    it's not. I have a gifted metabolism. Most don't understand it and I really dont either. On 400mg of tren I can eat basically anything and cut fat. There is no cap or macro counting. As much as I can is my diet and usually is 5,000-7,000 calories a day. I am known for being able to eat abnormally large amounts of food and remain lean, without AAS.

    marcus300: Are you married and do you have any children? I know you was previously married I remember reading maybe you can shine some light on how come your marriage broke down and is there anything you regret doing?
    Obs: I have five kids I call mine. Not all of them are, but I am the only man they know as dad. As much as I loathe my ex, its not there fault. Its not a nobility or moral thing, it's pretty basically because I am following my heart. One of the boys that is not my blood thinks he is.
    Things I regret...
    No end to them. When things broke down she moved away with my kids out of the blue. I legally filed for custody of my two only. I drew a line in the sand and said my two kids only. Christmas came one year and I bought gifts for mine only. During custody exchange one day, after bringing my two only back from gifts and festivities of Christmas, the boy that thinks he is mine came running over and threw his arms around me and I lost it, for days. Any line drawn in the sand was washed away by the tide.
    I cried for days thinking about it. I buy gifts for friends at Christmas. That boy is and was a hell of a lot more than a friend. He is my son and always will be. It has caused frustration and argument with my current girlfriend, but they all will know me as dad... Always.

    My marriage was broken from the start. I had to be someone I wasn't to be in that relationship. A person can only perpetuate a facade for so long before who they are takes over. She was not and still is not capable of a relationship with anyone. She was just another kid I had to raise. I loved her, but fact is that doesn't mean two people will make it. In the real world there is a connection that wasn't there and we were not capable of giving each other what the other needed. My new girlfriend is nuts about me and we share a connection like I never had. She is the only woman that gets tearful telling me how much she loves me and she is geared more like me.

    marcus300: Have you ever been unfaithful?
    Obs: No. I came extremely close a couple of times. I mean close. I understand how it happens and don't hold it against people like I once did, but my conscience would beat me to death if I was.

    marcus300: I see you finally took my advice and actually gone to a gym were you can train properly. How as the new gym been for your motivation?
    Obs: I have totally fallen back in love with this. I was losing heart a little bit. Now, I want nothing more. I resituate anything that gets in the way and I wish my body could heal faster so I could live there.

    marcus300: Do you think your aas use will be the downfall of you or is it just the beginning
    Obs: Considering the state I was in before I came back, no it wont be my downfall. I may die of a heart attack much sooner, but I am an adrenaline junkie. Something was gonna happen sooner rather than later anyway. I am wired hot. I started my business because I was leery of heights and liked the kick I got out of it and doing business. I get a knot in my gut some days. That is my comfort zone now. When you get comfortable being scared, worried, and stressed things start flying. Some days it seems overwhelming but when it starts stacking up I am in my happy place. In my mind I need a fight I cannot win. I need failure and hopeless situations to feel alive.

    marcus300: You have been here a long time, how would you change the forum if you could. What rules would you put in place and make this place more Obs friendly?
    Obs: Less sensitivity. Sometimes I see people "offended" by jokes that are hilarious. I mean really... If I played "cards against humanity" with some of these guys they would have a nervous breakdown. Its just words...
    I am a bigger deal so to speak on another forum. We pretty much get pornographic as can be and downright distateful at times, but people are allowed to say what they wish. As long as we don't call people names or fight, there is no filter. The brotherhood there is tighter. Shit stirring is zero tolerance though. This is the motherboard though so I filter myself as best as possible because I appreciate the hell out of a lot of guys here.

    marcus300: Whats your advice for the teens just starting out in bodybuilding?
    Obs: 25 is not a good number. Until a person is mentally capable of not letting hormones dictate their actions they need to stay away. I wish I had started at 19 for progress reasons but I was nowhere near mentally ready and I dont know any teens or early 20's guys that are ready mentally. Last time I checked, teens are famous for letting natural hormone levels make their decisions. Compound that with superphysiolagical doses of AAS and there may be a fire.
    Train hard, EAT, keep adding supplements such as bcaa's, creatine, and above all FOOD! If you puss out naturally before you are ready with great T levels, you will never make it in my world.

    marcus300: Who would you most like to meet from AR and why?
    Obs: Too many to mention and you are one Marcus. I have one brother that used to be on here that is like family to me though. He has proven what a good man he is to me time after time in ways he doesn't even know.
    I could go on forever.
    As far as interesting people go, you and kel are top of the list. I feel like kel has a way of being alienated by people in real life much the way I do. Part of the reason I worked out from home as long as I did.

    marcus300: In your lifetime what's been the lowest you have ever been, also what was the highest point in your life?
    Obs: I would have to call the two low spots after I cycled at 21-22 and after my wife and kids left. Them leaving probably wins though. I was entirely alone, working two jobs harder than most could dream, no friend or relative within 250 miles, and the guy I was did not survive the coming weeks. I killed him. I don't miss him. Every low brings a high though. That brings me to now.
    If I hadn't gone through that shit of hearing my kids screaming even though they weren't there, drinking myself to sleep, walking around hungover all day, looking like a skeleton, hating everything and everyone, wanting death... I would not be about to walk out the door my own man. I would not be fixing to go to a gym at noon on tuesday with my own business and a girl that worships me.
    Most guys would say "When my kids were born" was their high point. Not me. I was lost then too. I am and am not a lot of things I want to be but I am an individual, not a follower. I am pleased with this the most. Today is my high. Tomorrow I will be better and the day after. That is what goals do. That is what walking your own path does.

    marcus300: What's the hardest thing you have to do in life?
    Obs: Dunno if I can say that I dont like prison. would be telling my little girl I can't come see you right now, over the phone, when she calls me crying missing me. would be overcoming the previously mentioned struggle

    marcus300: On many occasion you do talk a good fight or try and portray yourself as a big hard man. What is it deep inside what makes you want to talk about how hard you are all the time on the internet, the fights you had and how tough cowboys are because from an outsider you sound the complete opposite?
    Obs: I am what I am. To European eyes I am sure I look like a douce. Big hard man? I am big, life has made me hard, I have told my stories because they are interesting and I like writing. I am not a cowboy. My brother is. I dont recall telling people how tough I am etc. but people drawn their own conclusions and fill in the blanks. This fact is not my concern. Rather, I give you honesty. I have got in arguments with a couple of individuals and probably told them some rude things they won't let go. In fact I could probably guess who asked this an a couple guesses.
    One other thing to remember is that my kind of humor is a little different than overseas. I have probably kidded around and been taken for a prick on more than one occasion. Tough... Hard... I need references from some time where the trash talk wasn't flying in both directions such as in a comp. In reality though I have the same gene my brother does. We wont be turned off and are nearly impossible to knock out. I don't know that I have ever spoken of a fight on here unless it was directed at someone who was slinging it back. No...
    I have never spoken of a fight I had on here.
    Would love a reference.

    marcus300: I've seen some heated debates when someone starts talking about topics on religion, god, Muslims, Christians etc and you've had some very strong views. I know it can be a sensitive subject for many but you seem to be on a questionable journey which can take years to come to the end, so what is your background and current take on these subjects and is it true that you are questioning things and your views are changing?
    Obs: I have a philosophy tat evolves. I can't knowingly lie to myself. I have an issue with my upbringing from christianity. I was taught to live humbly, the meek shall inherit the earth, anything you like is a sin, God hates a prideful man... Well I have seen families full of smooth cold alcoholics do more to help each other in need than mine. I have seen forgiveness flow from non believers when it wouldn't be found with most Christians. I live trying to forgive people because we all suck in the end and mess up. Forgiveness is a good thing.

    I heard a quote in a hollywood undead song that really messed with my head.
    Well, sorry but not sure I can oblige. That is what I was ttaught. Give your life in sacrifice and make it suck and God will welcome you for being a pussy. The meek can iherit the earth when it passes away after I am done with it because I ain't meek and I ain't finished with it yet. Perhaps in my last will...
    I believe in God. So I am tortured by this daily. I have love in my heart and help people that probably don't deserve it in real life. I hold my feet to a fire of my own moral standards that dictate my life. I have a mother of a conscience and if I feel I have accidentally done wrong to someone I beat myself up in ways God can't. IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH GOD? SEND ME TO HELL AND I WILL TRY MY DAMNDEST TO KICK YOUR ASS!

    marcus300: Have you ever been diagnosed with a personality disorder or a mental illness?
    Obs: Lol! No, but I have a couple I am certain. I AM NOT NORMAL MENTALLY.
    Normal folks move slow, congregate, and agitate me with mediocrity. Normal is to be a sheep.

    marcus300: You're very opinionated and will say some outrageous things to support your view and often fly off handle with a barrage of foul language. From an outsider looking over your posts you seem to have lived in a small bubble from a backwards interbred town living in the dark ages. You haven't travelled or communicated with the world much do you ever think you'll go travelling and experience the world outside your bubble or do you prefer staying in your safe zone?
    Obs: I have been to all states but the extreme northeast and travel often. I really want to go to the Phillipines, Belieze, Jamaica etc... Not to mingle with the people though. I like hot climates. I have worked with people of many many nationalities and have no issues with them. I don't like New Zealanders though or their entitlement sense. I wish they would stay out of the United States and possibly go to a new planet. My cursing to support my beliefs... Sometimes it is in entertainment sense. Couple of times I have gotten genuinely upset at some things though. For example Mr. Ramadan wanting to sacrifice to his God by starving himsel but not wanting it to cost him any weight loss or effort. I am sorry but a belief without conviction is you lying to yourself. That irritates the piss outta me. Its like when a newbie that knows nothing about gear want to cycle because he believes he will get jakked with no effort. Either have what it takes to make the sacrifice and do it, Or go on about your life. Half assery is no sacrifice.

    I won't become a congregator and travel the world kissing hands and shaking babbies. I like my life and my vessel. I don't live in a bubble though. I love going places. Especially nice ones. I will probably tour Europe someday just to say I did. I won't be shaking every limp wrist in my path just loving it up though. I make conversation when its due and go on about my path.

    marcus300: Are you going to start training legs now?
    Obs: Haha! Always have cunt!

    marcus300:Why did you file for custody of your children, your ex wife must of been fit to look after the children while you was with her so why put her through all that and separate the children ? and why did you just file for your children because if she isn't fit to be a mother why would you leave her with the one which isn't yours, yet you call that child yours?
    B]Obs:[/B] Are you willing to take care of three kids not your own from a woman you are not with?I wasn't. I never at any time said she was incapable of taking care of the kids. Fact is though most of the time her mother does.

    marcus300: What caused the marriage to breakdown, you say you had to be someone you wasn't but isn't marriage about compromise?
    Obs: Marriage is about both parties compromising and giving 100% she gave 25%. She did absolutely nothing but send the kids off to school. She left me for another guy she was with about 2 weeks. She still begs to come back. Not a chance lol!

    marcus300: Do you think someone with anger issues and who's unstable using boats loads of AAS should be around children?
    Obs: Nope.Do you know someone unstable?

    marcus300: You mentioned numerous times about dying young because of your AAS use and not being bothered, do you ever think about your children when you say such things?
    Obs: Of course but I gotta be me Marcus. We are all going to die of something. I may live to be 90 but I hope not. Every person in my family gets dimentia or alzheimers if they live to be over 65-70.I would rather take a bullet today. I will live it to the fullest and my grave will come when it does.

    marcus300: Its refreshing to hear you question religion Obs especially coming from the background you do, this is how change occurs eventually, but why would you not question god? what evidence do you have what makes you believe and which god is it you believe in?. I believe there's close to 3000 floating about? also what is exactly your problem with Muslims because you seem to be vocal with this group in particular?
    Obs: God, Not some man idea of God. 0+0 can not equal everything. "Zero" in and of itself cannot exist and if it did.... I would call it God.

    Muslims are as a culture very violent but I dont dispise them any more than a lot of people I grew up with. Christians and muslims have been enemies for a long ass time. Perhaps my upbringing shining through?

    marcus300: You've been the endless joke for many members why do you think that is?
    Obs: I only know of about two members that think that way. Are true individuals ever accepted by the norm though? Individuals cteate a stir when they walk amoungst the masses of sheep. I wouldn't trade my impact for their acceptance. I don't concern myself with their opinions.

    marcus300: What did you do to land yourself in prison, lets be honest here and tell us what you actually did and why?
    Obs: Never been to prison. Earlier I meant I was worried I would go if I told.

    marcus300:Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
    Obs: Ifbb

    marcus300: If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?
    #1 For those that know me to feel loved and remember me for it when I am gone. This would give me a lot of closure when I do leave.

    #2 To have a good life and do all I can for others.
    Thats a big broad range statement. So I guess to leave an impact.

    #3 My kids to be live happy and be true individuals, carrying on what I have taught them about honor and holding themselves to high standards.

    I would have wished for world peace and such but I don't do fairytales so forgive me if these are self centered.

    marcus300: Thank you very much for taking part Obs and letting me push your buttons, which can't be an easy task so well done and thanks again for being honest
    Obs: Thank you for the interview. Before I start I want to point out to people how many of these interviews you have done and how much time you have invested in them.
    You have devoted a good portion of your life here and it doesn't go unappreciated. It makes a difference. I had never heard of HIT until I came back here and to lifting. It has made a difference in my life. I might be like the other pussys at the gym lifting for two hours never breaking a sweat.
    To anyone who devotes their time here, thank you. Everyone has a contribution if they stay long enough. This place is social media, fake to some, but the results are very real and so is the brotherhood amoungst many.
    Thanks to anyone who sent questions as well.

    members questions to follow
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    members question: if you could have done something different in your journey in body building up to this point, what would it be?
    Obs: Joined a gym sooner, studied more and earlier in life about cycling in general. Lots of the info was there I just never read it. I would have stayed on probably and be much further along down the road.

    members question: Who are the members you secretly admire ( but not always like) for what they have produced?
    Obs: Marcus, kel (I always like him), capebuffalo can irritate the piss outta me sometimes though he has earned his stripes. Really none that I dispise that have contributed.

    members question: How'd he get into bb?
    Obs: A year ago I would have and did say I would never want to look like an IFBB builder because it was too over the top. Thats not how the game works though. You will never be big enough. The way I see top builders has changed completely. They don't look freakish to me anymore. Normal people look more freakish than top level guys to me now. This chose me. I didn't choose it. In fact, I have well passed my goals of where I wanted to be when I came back to lifting and cycling.

    members question: What other athletic pursuits have you enjoyed?
    Obs: Riding bulls... Pretty much it other than my job.

    members question: How long before you turn pro?
    Obs: 5 years

    members question: What's his favorite IFBB division for men? For women?
    Obs: Bodybuilding/bikini

    members question: Have you ever been arrested for domestic violence?
    Obs: Very, very close, but no. I had some terrible fights with my ex. I even blacked her eye once for jumping on the steering wheel while I was driving with my son in the truck. Not a little bit either. She pulled the wheel and I elbowed her across the truck. Her eye swelled shut and I felt like fuck even now looking back on it. It was necessary and had to be done, but as my grandfather would have said... "You can have God and everyone around you forgive you, but you will never be able to forgive yourself, because you are like me."

    members question: He's been here a long time, what changes has he noted on the site for good or bad?
    Obs: turn off the filter. Members dont need to be at each others throats or arguing but I get tired of hearing "Thats inappropriate, take it down!" Yeah guess whats inappropriate... Shoving needles in your ass and injecting illegal shit. We got how to videos on that lol!
    Really everyone needs to start kidding around more. People have been up newbies asses for dumb questions and cutting up less and less. We need to get back to discussing not so serious topics at times. There are still kidders and postwhores but not nearly as many as there used to be.

    members question: How much money did you lose to GH?
    Obs: Lol! None!

    members question: Do you feel proud for being GH number one ass kisser?
    Obs: Do others here feel special for never really winning an argument with him? He made very good points.
    Too bad he turned out to be a shady fucker.
    Here is something I notice as I discussed with the admin when GH got here... If Kel and MS don't argue with them... They must be fairly smart.Little points he made like newbies crashing their estrogen because they ate taught to hit AI before the test even has a chance to aromatise.
    But... As Jimmy inked up showed us, even a great contributor can be a cocksucker.

    members question: Who do you admire? Personally, professionally, here, etc.
    Obs: I admire Guitarzans life in general. Guy has a seriously fun looking life in general and he even lives where I would like to be. Do you all realize how many toys that guy has!?
    I admire Kel's dignity and one liners of doom. He speaks and every word counts. He doesn't say dumb shit. Ever and he has a silent class about him that he is famous for.

    members question: Current cycle is?
    Obs: Test, tren , slin, adrol

    members question: Biggest cycle was?
    Obs: Current cycle, got in too deep at 100mg adrol, 750 mg tren, 750 test cyp, 50 mg test suspension, 150 deca .

    members question: Do you still dislike admin?
    Obs: How in the hell would anyone get the idea I disliked the admin?
    Of course not! Admin has always showed me grace!
    There has been guys banned for life from here for less than I have said at times. Granted they were total douches, but I have always appreciated admin.

    members question: Ever do blood work to keep an eye on things?
    Obs: Not really. Need to, I was supposed to this spring. Scared of my cholesterol values the most. I have high liver values, cholesterol, prolactin, estrogen, and others. Not really worried about anything but cholesterol and liver but I still need to get to correcting them. I had every intention this spring but things got in the way (me).

    members question: What's a normal day in the life of Obs like?
    Obs: Not a morning person, takes me two hours to wake up. I am like a diesel engine. Coffee, breakfast, and either to my truck or to the computer to take care of business.

    I like big stresses but hate little ones. I need big stress but little irritating things make me want to eliminate people from my life and go it alone sometimes, though that will never happen.
    I get home or get done with whatever the day requires and lift. Thats the only place I feel like I get to be myself unless I have a contract that I am worried about.

    On a good day I drive home listening to adrenaline pumping music after bidding a huge contract that I dont have the resources for (I would do it anyway). I feel free. I know my life is going somewhere, good or bad, I look at everyone else and wonder how they can do bare minimal and be content.
    Then I get to lift and the combo leaves me feeling complete. Eca+music+ natty adrenaline+stress = me happy.On a bad day work fucks up my body for a week and sets me back on gains hard or there is no work because it is winter.

    members question: How many pounds have you gained the past two years?
    Obs: about 60

    members question: I understand you are passionate about your right to bear arms. Why should americans have guns when school shootings have become a regular occurrence?
    Compare the rate of school shootings of the US to the UK. Is it worth having your jollies with your assault rifles when your children could go to school and be shot dead?
    Obs: Is it worth it putting them in a vehicle when they are 200x more likely to die that way? Ban vehicles pussy.This is America we don't live un fear like European faggots because something is loud and looks scary. We have the most wealth for 1 reason. We stole ground by shooting motherfuckers that didn't want us to have it. Now we have the best farm ground and we protect it with the best guns Life is really that simple. Ban something dangerous like cigarettes. You dumb cunt euro's also can't understand... We would not surrender firearms. We are not that big of pussys.

    members question: I grew up helping my dad and brother cut firewood and pulpwood, and eventually cutting trees for people, how did you get started in the tree business?
    Obs: In my little town/area there was nothing but trees. You were either a farmer a logger or a drug addict/welfare case. We grew up on a farm but it was lost due to family squabbling. Me and my brother started cutting pallet lumber blocks and finally grew up and started logging for real. After he wrecked his bike that was the end of the company as I was too young to know wtf to do. I started my tree service alone.

    members question: what is the single best piece of training advice you have ever got?
    Obs: Bench press technique, hands down.

    members question: Obs has this unparalleled desire and drive to be huge. The need to fulfill this desire is incredible. Where does this desire come from? What happened in The past to spark this desire?
    Obs: Recent life alterings. I didnt care at all to be huge and actually just wanted to be where I am. I got where I am because of the depressed state I left. My drive is there
    Everything else is not sometimes. No one will ever get anywhere trying though. They gotta be top of their game at all levels. Bodybuilding has become a crutch for me. Before it was lifting. Now sometimes when things ger stressful I find myself running to the gym or my dungeon.

    Gf: "You love this more than me!"
    Me: "Uuugh I can't do this I am going for a drive to clear my head."
    Gf: "Why do you need your fucking gym bag!?"

    Really though it was a means of getting over a dark spot in my life that changed me. Now the drive wont leave. Just gotta match my diet and excessive work load now.

    members question: What makes Obs tick?
    Obs: Adrenaline and learning from lifes ass pain in the past, trying to adjust for the unforseen future accordingly.

    members question: Now that Obs is going to a gym has he developed gym related pet peeves? What gym behaviors annoy him?
    Obs: None yet really. Its a quiet place and I am the only one pushing the rest just leisurely lift. I actually paid so little attention I just realized after a week there are sanitizing wipe stations all over. Been wiping shit down with a towel unaware because I have been focused on my workout.

    members question: If you could go back in time, what 2 things would you change or do differently?
    Obs: Too hard. Start sooner lifting. Tell my ex wife to get fucked bearing in mind I could have my kids with someone else.

    members question: If you could live any where in the US, where would it be?
    Obs: florida/Georgia area

    members question: Who's the coolest guy on the forum?
    Obs: You motherfuckers banned him!

    members question: can you complete this nursery ryme?
    "there once was a man from Nantucket...."?
    Obs: Whose dick was so long he could suck it. He said with a grin, As he wiped off his chin, "If my ear were a cunt, I would fuck it."

    members question: When did you get your first piece of ass?
    Obs: 1.5 years ago. She is the first girl that loved me enough to endure the pain. Pussy, I was 18

    members question: Have you ever had your ass whipped?
    Obs: Yes. Beaten severly by a bunch of druggies outside a bar.

    members question: Have you ever whipped anyones ass?
    Obs: Not this week. Seriously though I dont go around fighting. Choked a couple people recently, slap or two. Yes I have beat a couple of people but I would go to jail quick if I were like my brother.

    members question: Have you ever been arrested
    Obs: Many times. Petty shit like unpaid tickets etc until last time.

    members question: What's the most fucked up thing you ever did?
    Obs: Dunno too many...Got drunk as hell one day on captain morgan and put underwear on on the outside of my coveralls (it was cold) and made a cape out of a towel. I then rode around town on a racing fourwheeler holding people up with a rubber band gun. Don't remember half of it... Didn't make any money

    members question: Why does it look like you have been training naturally for 2-3 years despite all these pounds gained?

    members question: We have all seen that you Photoshop pics and inject high volume of oil in arms etc to make you look bigger. But you have been profoundly against showing a video of yourself despite having shown your face several times?

    members question: Now at 235 lbs, would you ever post a video of you or your lifts or are you confined to cut out, photoshopped, pumped up with oil pics?

    members question: do you really think that competition you entered on here was a tight race?

    members question: Do you think anyone gives a shit about your life or do you think the forum is a diary for you?

    members question: When you get emotional and start saying about the dungeonites, the elites etc. do you think it is positive or negative for the atmosphere of the forum?

    members question: Do you feel left behind on the forum and get bitter, and want to turn members against staff/old timers?

    members question: Have you ever tried to recruit members from this forum to another, while at the same time trashing this forum?

    members question: You come across as false what is the true Obs really like?

    members question: You seem to think hitting a certain weight goal equals being big, but you never seem to grow. Do you think you have bad genetics?

    members question: You seem to be jealous of guys on the forum who are bigger than you and always try and belittle them. Why does seeing bigger bodybuilder enrage you so much?

    members question: did the following goals go that you previously stated?
    1. Joining the Army Rangers?
    2. Benching 400?
    3. Curling 250?
    4. Running a Marathon at the same time as doing the strength goals?
    5. Only cycling for a year ?

    members question: Ever had a threesome
    Obs: No but I have very much thought about it! I think my gf leans a little that way she has made out with girls (I think all women lean that way a little). We get on the subject and she doesn't shoot it down. If she does I can just give her a couple of cookies and she doesn't seem all that against it. I would probably have to jack up my prolactin or I would spray the bed as soon as I got in it. Unless it was before noon... I think the odds of a threesome before noon is slim unless you found a couple dope whores.

    I appreciate the interview. A couple of european faggot mofos tried to insult me rather than ask questions so they got no response. Cousinqueer primarily of course because he is a backstabbing homo that loves stirring shit by trying to be sneaky and get a rise out of people in indirect ways so he can play the innocent part. I have seen that behavior usually in women. Kniving, skeevy little bitches but certainly not most women.

    Anyone who mouths my physique is jealous.

    Watch pussys... Watch.

    I have a message to him... I am a fuck ton bigger than you will ever be if you put your entire soul into it. I dont fail I just grow. All those fuckers on here that picked at me are smaller than me now and couldn't hold my left nut.
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