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    Stranded Island Game

    You are flying across the Atlantic Sea when your plane engine catches fire and you are forced to abandon the plane with your parachute and emergency supply bag. You land on a deserted Island, half a mile long and 1/4 mile wide with no other people. As you are landing you notice the tide is low and the sun is hot. Surveying the terrain, you see palm trees, coconut trees, and . The island has a small peninsula on the north side. The next flight that took the same route as the plane you were on is not for another 16 days. You decide to make camp and reference the items in your emergency supply bag

    - Where do you make camp ?
    - What are the 11 items in your emergency supply bag ?

    - Since this is a game, TRT and other medical issues don't apply. Assume you are a health fit male/female with no health concerns, food allergies, etc
    - No post edits ! Once you pick your items you are locked in

    I am interested to see the responses and peoples thought processes.

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    Camp in the water and drown myself.

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