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    Exclamation Prednisone during Test cycle questions

    Looking for some input. hopefully someone else has had the same happen to them. My test cycle is going OK. biggest challenges are keeping up with the caloric demand. Last half of cycle is consistent. Typical introduction with nothing out of the ordinary so far.

    As of Sunday July 15th My doc put me on a vicious 15 day taper of Prednisone with an anti biotic. respiratory system wasn't bouncing back possible chest infection. The Taper starts at a moderately highish dose of

    3 days: 60mg
    3 days: 40mg
    3 days: 30mg
    3 days: 20mg
    3 days: 10mg

    Around 20mg I may not be in fear. But as some of you know prednisone actually waste away tissue and promotes muscle atrophy. I'm afraid of it synergizing with the Test for a potential doubly negative result. what's worse is I'm on my last leg of my cycle and trying my best to end it on a good note for the dreaded fear of PCT. I'm taking nervous shits just thinking about it.

    Prednisone is an insanely dirty steroid . I actually experience my most "mood swings" on it. greater then Dbol never had Tren . at one moment I was on Dbol and Prednisone at the same time. I was ready to fight everything! My snot drooled out my noose uncontrollably just thinking about it! goodness crap! I don't want to know what Tren is like!

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    If any thing at all, test will negate the catabolic effects of corticosteroids.

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    OK what about the anti-biotics? About to search on my own but will the anti-biotics "hunt" for the synthetic test in my muscles? As you can tell I'm a brilliant chemist biologist.

    in other news I'm holding more water then a dam! I put on my workout shirt looked in the mirror and laughed! I look like I'm carrying a child! thank you respiratory inflammation goodness gracious

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