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    Zero calorie jellies and chocolate

    We've had zero calories soda drinks for a few years now.

    Is there any talk of them bringing out zero calories jellies, or something similar to chocolate? They have vegan sugar-free jellies in my local store but they're about 4 calories per sweet, so the 100g bag is still over 100 calories. That's a lot less than normal jellies but still not into the zero calorie range.

    It would be nice to be able to go to the cinema once a week and consume less than 100 calories pigging out on "zero calorie junk food".

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    No. Would taste like trash with today’s capabilities. Diet soda took a long time to perfect. Get on a good strict diet, an ACTUAL workout routine (no weighted vest running bs) and lose that never-will-be-gone pot belly and you won’t feel so bad about enjoying a sweet or two when you see a movie once or twice a month. Easy as that. Crystal ball - out.

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