If you haven't had the pleasure of reading any of his stuff, Kim du Toit is a South African Ex-Pat living (part time, anyway) in the US of A. Which makes him, along with Charlize Theron (who also is South African) vastly more entitled to claim to be "African-American" than the vast majority of people who do. Even the ones who couldn't find Africa on a globe.

Meneer du Doit also happens to be conservative (by most accepted definitions of the term) and unapologetically male, with a fondness for things such as fine whisky, fine firearms, fine food, fine automobiles (particularly of the classic variety), and fine women (dittos on the 'classic' part). Suffice to say, one thing you would never mistake him for is "metrosexual.'

Meneer du Doit also is quite a decent writer (in the Queen's, no less) and plies his skills as a blogger, addressing anything that interests him. This is one of his recents posts, on the socially prescient topic of absurd headlines that are real. All of them but one anyway.

5 Worst Headlines Never Seen Before Now

August 28, 2020 Kim du Toit Friday Feature, The Worst

…a.k.a. “Apocalypse Soon”, and ranked towards the ultimate in creepy awfulness:

* 60-year-old man comes out as gay, declares his love for daughter’s ex-husband;
* Influencer, 35, marries her 20-year-old stepson after divorcing his father;
* “My son cut me off completely after I had amazing sex with his teenage pal”;
* Woman files for divorce after marrying herself two years earlier; and
* Wife cuts off unfaithful husband’s penis, feeds it to dog.

Now, to add to the unspeakable dreadfulness that is Our Brave New World: only one of the above is fictitious.

Your guess in Comments as to which. Only one per Reader.


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To keep this on the up-and-up, here are links to the stories behind the four 'real' headlines: