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Thread: Visualization of '21 as 1 of ur best years, how to keep healthy & The Secret dvd

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    Visualization of '21 as 1 of ur best years, how to keep healthy & The Secret dvd

    Happy New Year 2021, it's not too late to say that, IMO

    Visualization is 1 of the biggest tools in bodybuilding from the foundation of modern bodybuilding, Joe Weider, rest in peace.

    Forgive me, if I don't post this elsewhere, but this forum has lots of views vs. other forum areas, but it's still relevant....because,
    As we discuss A.A.S., Nutrition, Over 40 Forum, etc. etc.

    How do we discuss topics that may worry us in order to get information that may help us, yet not invite them into our lives?

    Some like myself may be worried about indigestion, or possible kidney problems, as currently my gut feels stingy & my urine is foamy yet am addressing it with anti acids, anti-gas, OTC, drinking a gallon of water, lowering red meat, etc.

    Do we invite more of these problems, simply because what we focus on, grows, or the law of attraction? (as shown in several Napoleon Hill motivational books and "The Secret," dvd /book by Rhonda Byrne

    How about rephrasing, I hope I don't have kidney problems or liver damage, or pre-diabetes into: I Desire a Life with Healthy Organs, and an Optimum endocrine system?

    When a young lady in the DVD the Secret, was diagnosed with Cancer, she said all she did was watch Comedies, because anything else, was negative and was not conducive to her improving her health

    Another man, a preacher said he's "seen kidney's regnerate" because of the olde ancient principles brought again to attention in "The Secret" dvd / book

    Another man, in this dvd / book, a Panel of Motivational people: preachers, chiropractors, etc., said: "sure you need to be informed (like on the news), but you don't need to be innundated with it"

    I have a annual physical doctor's appointment tomorrow, you know the comprehensive one you're supposed to do every year? But, although I'm good about doing this, and go to a dentist 2x per year like suggested by health care professionals, etc., I haven't had a physical since 2017.

    Should we be closing our eyes and visualizing the doctor saying "Your lab results came out negative, your kidney function is ok, your prostate gland is only slightly enlarged" then he (the doc) scratches his ears, and do have some minor heart burn and gas, but this can be avoided if you just follow the FODMAP source on eating foods that don't cause so much gas and inflammation.
    (For example, Paprika is a good spice, and so is non-spicy Bell peppers, but hot Jalopeno green peppers aren't.) *Visualize it super Clearly, right now to the doctor clearing his throat etc.

    Thanks, this was brief, yet maybe enlightening. Visualize good health before it happens and it Will Happen. Hope this New Year 2021 is optimum for you

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    How about you just thank Jesus that you're here today and you still have your health? Take each day one at a time. Train hard, eat big, rest easy.
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    Forget the year, forget time be president and be at peace with now.

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