You can grunt in some gyms and you can't in others.

In some gyms, they'll approach you and just say, "hey man this isn't that kind of gym, please keep the noise level down".

Other gyms though, feign an emergency response. I remember I was in the gym of a university one time, and I think I was deadlifting at the time. I let out a bit of a grunt, and the next thing I know, there's an employee standing about 4 feet behind me, about 3 feet to the left, and he's looking left and right and shaking out his hands to the side almost like an olympic sprinter shaking themselves out before settling down into the blocks. He looks like he just received an emergency communication over walkie talkie and he has adopted a stance in an exact position which he has trained for a hundred times -- this is his time to shine.

I'm not a fan of this kind of dishonesty.

Anyway I thought it would be hilarious to get 3 or 4 people to go into such a gym on a day pass. All four of us wear covert bodycams with microphones. And then one of us does a heavy deadlift, and lets out an almighty roar.... and so then the employees run over and move into their emergency response positions while they shake their arms out. Then the guy who did the deadlift bursts a little bag of fake blood that he has in his underwear, and falls to the ground and starts screaming. Then two of the other guys approach so that they capture everything on their bodycams and microphone. While all of this is happening, then the last guy -- who is at the other side of the room doing a heavy squat -- lets out a roar and bursts the fake blood in his pants too, so he's on the ground screaming too.

I'd fucking love to capture it all on multiple bodycams and microphones.